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Tim is a mook who likes to drink, play video games, and other stuff. He's Monkeywrench on our forums! Buy him a drink, friend for life!

Falcone’s Wave 1 Sneak Peek

Here at the Fighting118th we had the privilege of getting a exclusive sneak peek at Falcone’s Wave 1 weapon assortment.  One of our Officer’s Fogger1138 has the story: I was fortunate enough to be given review copies of some of Falcone’s upcoming 1:18th scale weapon releases. You may have seen him posting in the forums Here He’s making some 1:18th scale weapons that we haven’t seen yet, to provide some variety for customizers and those who like to outfit their figures with different gear.  My understanding is that currently he plans on making these available at a cost of $1 per weapon. Nine out of the ten weapons in his “wave one” were made available to me by SlayerDave with permission from Falcone.  It’s worth noting that these are early release copies and may not reflect the final product,  as ... Read More »

Footloose is Shipping

The G.I.Joe Club has announced that they have started shipping their exclusive Free  Membership Figure already.  If you signed up for a Club Membership before the extended March 23rd deadline,  you will see your Exclusive Figure before the end of May.  Below is a quote from the Club’s Email: “SURPRISE! This week we started mailing the FREE membership figures for 2012! We were able to get these manufactured much earlier this year, so off they go to you! It will take several weeks for them to reach all of the membership, so please be patient. If you don’t receive your figure by the end of May, please let us know.”   The Club has had a rough couple months,  however it appears that they are getting back on their feet with the recent news of  the inclusion of the Oktober ... Read More »

May Banner Contest

It’s that time of the Month again! Wait.. what? Oh.. right.. The theme for the May Banner Contest is Silhouette Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood: May’s banner theme will have a little more of an “artistic” approach to it. Any action, vehicles or figures can be used. Even animals. The subject has to be be in a silhouette though. Some color can show but it should be as much of a shadow as possible. This can be either daylight or night. This one will be a little tougher since lighting is key.   The Monthly Banner Contest has been one of the most successful and favorite features here on the Fighting 1:18th.  The contest has been going on for over a year now and started on our original site before the infamous crash of 2011.  For ... Read More »

SlayerCon 2: Full Report

SlayerCon 2:  Full Report is brought to you by one of our Founding members Fogger1138.  You can revisit Fogger’s exclusive on site Day 1 coverage Here as well as his Day 2 coverage Here Fogger has attended both SlayerCon’s and has graciously provided us with a complete rundown of the Con.  In case you missed our Exclusive interview with SlayerDave that was conducted before the Con you can revisit Part 1  Here and Part 2 Here   PRE-SHOW: I’d been looking forward to the show since SlayerDave announced the dates. As anyone who browses our forums already probably knows, I love this show! I live about an hour away from the area of Maryland where Slayer Design Studios (SDS) is located and where they’ve held SlayerCon both times. As happened last time, my work schedule prevented me from making it ... Read More »

Mass Effect 3 Review

When Mass Effect 3 was announced, the bar was set high. The conclusion to the epic sci fi thriller was highly anticipated and the pressure was on. Will ME3 deliver? Read More »

April Banner Contest

It’s that time of the Month again! Wait.. what? Oh.. right..  The theme for the April Banner Contest is Hand to Hand Combat! Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood: “April’s theme will be hand to hand combat. It can have the use of edged weapons and guns,  but guns can’t be used for firing.  Pistol whipping and hitting with the stock are acceptable.  Even blocking a weapon with the gun. This does not have to be limited to military themes.  Sci Fi themes have a chance to compete also.   That is,  if anyone can pose them with those T crotches. Oh yea, this one is all natural.  That should make it a little tougher. Good luck! “ The Monthly Banner Contest has been one of the most successful and favorite features here on the Fighting 1:18th.  ... Read More »

SlayerCon 2- Day 2 Coverage

SlayerCon 2 Day 2 Coverage One of The Fighting 1:18th Founding members, Fogger1138 attended the event and has the Intel for us! We don’t have a whole lot of New information from Day 2 however we do have a much larger Gallery including some more pictures from Day 1.  Below are some tidbits from Fogger. – Got to see Ben (Jedi Master Ben on the SDS forums, one of Slayer’s sculptors) sculpting in wax.  The other main SDS sculptor works in resin,   so it was neat to see one way to do it. – Had a small demo on working with foam for cliffsides,  and for flocking coniferous and deciduous trees.  I got to take one home! – Played lots of Relic Wars. I got killed by zombies a LOT. – Got about 3-4 different ways to try to avoid ... Read More »