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Members’ Custom Vehicles

Type 92 IFV

Relative newcomer Digler recently shared his beautifully-done custom PTE Type 92 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Click through to check it out! Read More »

Custom Jada Halo 4 Warthog by pcsguy88

  When McFarlane toys gave us a Warthog, we were pleased that we had something that worked with our Halo figures, but the scale variance between our 1:18th figures and the Halo toys was off-putting. Many of us yearned for Halo toys that would fit in more with our 3-3/4 figures and vehicles. Sure, we could drop our Joes into the McFarlane Warthog, but it looked terrible, like you put your kids behind the wheel of your Humvee and told them to “look natural”. Natural, it was not.   Jada toys decides to throw us collectors a bone with a new Warthog(which they are releasing in a “pre-dirtied” version as well.) Forum staffer pcsguy88 took this offering and made his own weathered version, and as you’ll see from the images he took, much more suitable for your 1:18th scaled figures. ... Read More »

Custom PTE Blackhawk by Fled74

They say you can’t polish a turd, and yet, it has been proven factually incorrect at least twice, now(But quite likely, more often than that.) The Mythbusters proved it by literally polishing a turd, and now forum Officer Fled74, with his polished and pristine custom of the PTE Blackhawk, has done the same! Honestly, it’s hard to see any redeeming qualities in some of PTE’s offerings. While a good many are close to scale, others are so glaringly underscaled that it almost hurts to look at them. While Fled74‘s version is still underscaled, through a long and dedicated process he turned it from a hunk of cheap plastic into a fantastic piece that many of us would be proud to display in our collections, especially for those of us who don’t have the room or cash for one of the ... Read More »

Sherman by Super Cracked

Forum member Super Cracked shared with us a custom Sherman Tank that was built all the way back in 2003.   Super Cracked is a experienced customizer that  is relatively new to the Fighting118th.  Here is a quote from Super Cracked: It’s a 1st issue XD M4, XD BOB Tanker and Halftrack driver; Build-A-Rama accessories & various other scale parts. Painted with Testors OD spray and Folk Art colors. Weathered with Doc O’Brien’s weathering powders. Man-o-man, that was fun. You can discuss and view the impressive Tank and detailed crew members Here Check out Page 2 for a complete Photo Gallery of the Sherman!   Read More »

Cobra Stickers “Summer of Skystriker” giveaway

With no Retaliation product coming until 2013 most likely and things looking dismal for a lot of GI Joe product this year, cobrastickers.com has a great way to turn that frown upside down. When you place an order with them you are entered to win one of three custom Sky Strikers from them. Skywarp, Thundercracker and Starscream will be the ones up for grab. Taken from their home page: “From now until July 31st, every order that includes a product from our Factions Section will be entered to receive one of these beautiful planes. We’ll be kicking things off with the lovely Starscream Skystriker.” So, since product will be far and few between most likely now would be a great time to work on some of those projects you may have had on the back burner.  Looking to restore an ... Read More »