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Legion Fourteen Series 1 Now Available

Legion Fourteen Productions has announced the much anticipated release of their Weapons Series 1.  For those that aren’t familiar with Legion Fourteen Productions,  this company is run by forum member Falcone.   Series 1 features 10 weapons at the price of $1 each or lower.  I recently had the opportunity to review a advanced set of Series 1 that you can view Here Below is a quote from Falcone: I am announcing the official release of the Series 1 Weapon Set by Legion Fourteen Productions. The product can be found at the store linked in my signature. I will also be listing on eBay at a later time, stay tuned for that. All previous preorders will begin being filled tomorrow. You can visit Falcone’s store Here and you can discuss Series 1 with the forum Here Read More »

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the sequel to one of my most enjoyable gaming experiences in recent years. Can the title live up to the first game? The short answer is yes the game lives up to the expectations and exceeds it.  The game picks up right after the first title.  The Autobots are trying to leave Cybertron in desperation as Megatron and the Decepticons are controlling the planet. You will play as Autobots and Decepticons over a 6 day period during a epic story with 13 chapters of play.  Fall of Cybertron does a great job informing you of the story so it’s not necessary for you to play War for Cybertron however I highly recommend it. The first mission starts with a bang as the Ark is being ambushed by Megatron.  This mission has you playing Bumblebee and ... Read More »

Pre-Zombie Viper by Dark Horse

  Today, for your viewing pleasure, is forum member Dark Horse‘s vast imagination at work once more. Ever since they hit retailers and etailers alike, many of us have taken a deeper look at the Zombie Viper, trying to visualize it better within our respective worlds. And there have been some that have gone the extra leap, applying it to Shock Trooper, Viper, and regular Trooper bases. But, what about those poor green suited lads who’ve undergone the process? What might they look like? Dark Horse brought us that answer! The figure utilizes the Zombie Viper base, Cobra Trooper head and helmet, and 25th Comic Pack Duke’s arms and legs, which have a green hue that resembles the base body almost perfectly. Adding a pair of elastic straps to replace the broken ones on the harness, a dab of paint ... Read More »

Rocker Ankle Tutorial

  Courtesy of forum member Obi-Shinobi. Ok guys, here we go! I’ll be demonstrating with the coveted ST , but this can be applied to any figure. Start by removing the stock feet –                 Using a blade, carefully cut the joint from the foot –                 Now use your dremel to define the new slot, and drill the corresponding holes in the foot, for the ankle pegs. –                 Which should leave you with something like this –                 Now, locate a pair of articulated hands for the new ankles. I’m using 2 Ren Duke left hands because they’re a darker color and most importantly, the POA run in the same ... Read More »

October Banner Contest

It’s that time of the Month again! Wait.. what? Oh.. right.. The theme for the October Banner Contest is Night Moves Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood: “Since it’s the month of Halloween the theme will be at night. No photoshop. Moonlight or a streetlight is ok to use. There must be a strong presence of it being night though. This one should be somewhat challenging just because of the lighting.” The Monthly Banner Contest has been one of the most successful and favorite features here on the Fighting 1:18th.  The contest started on our original site before the infamous crash of 2011.  For those that are new to the contest,  it’s very simple.  A forum member can submit a dio picture entry into the contest.  Towards the end of the month we place all the photos together and ... Read More »

Coil Con III

Officer member Slaymaker attended Coil Con III this Saturday and has graciously provided us with Intel. Slaymaker and his family made the trip from Iowa to attend the convention driving over 7 hours avoiding unusual traffic for the Iowa area including President Obama himself!  Slaymaker had the chance to meet comic artist Robert Atkins,  watch the world premiere of episode 1 of the anticipated G.I.Joe fan film G.I. Joe: Initiate, and spend quality time with fellow collectors. For those that aren’t familiar with Coil Con,  here is a description of the Convention: The CoilCon is the Midwest’s largest GI Joe convention. Now in its third year, the Con continues to grow in attendance and in the number of special guests and vendors. The past years’ conventions have been a great mix of hanging out with the community, CoilCon Exclusives, swap meets, great ... Read More »

Custom PTE Blackhawk by Fled74

They say you can’t polish a turd, and yet, it has been proven factually incorrect at least twice, now(But quite likely, more often than that.) The Mythbusters proved it by literally polishing a turd, and now forum Officer Fled74, with his polished and pristine custom of the PTE Blackhawk, has done the same! Honestly, it’s hard to see any redeeming qualities in some of PTE’s offerings. While a good many are close to scale, others are so glaringly underscaled that it almost hurts to look at them. While Fled74‘s version is still underscaled, through a long and dedicated process he turned it from a hunk of cheap plastic into a fantastic piece that many of us would be proud to display in our collections, especially for those of us who don’t have the room or cash for one of the ... Read More »

Tofujesse Q and A Part 2

Officer member Tofujesse is well known for his excellent casting skills.  I recently got the opportunity to pull Tofujesse away from his non stop work to take part in a exclusive Q and A session.  Here in Part 2 we discuss Tofujesse’s Store,  how to contact him,  his experience with “haters” and some fun Off Topic questions.  In case you missed Part 1,  you can view it Here Q16:  Your reputation has grown significantly over the last few months which started with Meddatron’s flicker account to your very own website. Were you surprised how quickly the store took off? I was extremely surprised how fast things took off. I never really planned on opening a store but I kept getting so many requests. Thanks Meddatron. Q17:  The 30% off sale generated a lot of buzz in the collecting community. How successful was the sale and do you have ... Read More »

Tofujesse Q and A Part 1

Officer member Tofujesse is well known for his excellent casting skills.  I recently got the opportunity to pull Tofujesse away from his non stop work to take part in a exclusive Q and A session.  The session went so well that I will be releasing the interview in 2 separate parts.  Here in Part 1 we discuss how Tofujesse got started into Casting,  his second to none work ethic and I ask some questions that were submitted by members of the forum. Q1:  What got you into Casting and why? I guess you can say I have been doing it my whole life. When I was a kid I use to make impression molds with my Star Wars figures and I would melt my crayons to make more figures. I really got in to casting and prop making right after I got out of the service in 96. I got ... Read More »