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  • My apologies about the torso mix up- I realized that came from someone else after I sent you the PM.
    no rush or anything, I know your just chilling out and having a good time. I don't want to seem pressuring or whatever, just wanted to make sure you saw about the mauler barrel too and that you typed the correct number and I put down your number right ;)

    Hows the show, sounds like it would be a fun event, more social than most shows.
    Some of these probably won't be found in parts bins, but with shells its possible
    here it goes:
    1985 flagg deck truck chair(1
    1984 rattler small black missile(1
    1985 mauler suspension arm(1
    1985 mauler roadwheels(2
    1985 weapons transport steering wheel(1
    1983 H.Q. jail wall left side of door(the one that does NOT connect to the door ;) (1
    1985(?) action force command center(U.S. 83 hq mold) farthest side wall(from vehicle lift bay) (1 if gun rack tabs are unbroken(probably not gonna find, worth shot)
    U.K. SAS MMS legs (2
    1983/2001 dragonfly or locust chin gun(1

    1983 destro gun(1
    1986 wetsuit air hose(1
    any 2003 slipstreams from x-30 and depending on cost a complete blade set for a 1986 tomahawk.
    Also, hows his prices, would he be the guy for me to talk to for a 1984 whale(I won't hassle you with the whale, I'd wait to talk to him)

    Thanks man! ~Justin

    Also, don't hesitate to text or call me with questions. Also lmk of any good deals on south american figures :D
    Hey! I was just thinking, it's probably be easier to just give me kokomos phone number so I can just talk to him and have him take care of what I want and he can just ship it out to me, and you also wouldn't have to pay wait for me to pay you for the stuff. That way he can hold it for a few days so I can get more funds to get more stuff :D Just ask him whenever you get a chance, and either pm me it, or call or text me the number at: 707 317 3899 whatever is easiest for you. Thanks so much! Justin
    Actually, I think that is where the KKK was created so you may not be far off! :eek:

    It's always nice to see stuff from other conventions, even if it's just what the people bring. SDCC is going to be nuckin' futz! My homie got a hotel 5 miles away and it was $200 a night! Luckily his company is picking up the tab. I may take my bike to ride to the convention. I'm cheap. The place asked him if he was there for the convention. That's crazy!

    I know better than to take a drink Paul gives. Don't want to wake up with a limp! Hopefully there will be some good pictures and information. With luck, maybe a few exclusives. Be safe down there and don't get too much of a tan. You may get run out of town.

    If you can trade it go for gold but if you have it when you get back I'll take it. I'm not stressing it but if it's there I'll go for it. Try to get something cool for yourself if you can though.
    Was wondering where you were. Whatever coverage you can get would be great. Not sure what stuff will be there but might as well get some pictures if possible. I leave Wednesday for SDCC.
    Thank you Sir! Sorry we couldn't get you into SDCC this year.. next year we will get things squared away!
    The pics are okay, just really really small resolution (Like 400x200 etc, we would like 1280x720).

    Maybe the program you used to get them on your MAC downsized them? See if you can find higher resolution images.. other wise I'll upload the ones you got and we'll try to go from there, but since your Wife is going as a "photojournalist" it'd be good to have some decent photos.
    You and your wife need to follow the below instructions, and then I have to send you a letter stating I am sending you to Comic Con to work for the Fighting 1:18th, but you also need to print out a bylined article with your name on it from the last 12 months. (Photo credit needed by your wife).
    First-Time Press Applicants:

    If you are a first-time applicant or a journalist unverified for 2011, you may apply online. Please send your name, title, company, and address to pressreg@comic-con.org. You will receive an email with instructions to apply online. Please DO NOT EMAIL your verification materials, samples or links. You must submit an online application first. You will receive instructions to submit verification materials BY MAIL after you have submitted an online application. You will receive a code to register online after your application has been processed.
    Did you ever get the full JoeCon writeup/pictures done? I dont recall seeing it.
    Its nothing like a dictatorship! It's a Jamahiriya!!!

    And I am Gaddafi :)
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