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    Merit 1:18 SBD Dauntless preorders

    im hopeing to get one
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    Who Could Do Such A Thing!?!?!

    wth what the heck is all i can say
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    battlefield 3

    I bought the game today but i couldnt play it yet because im visiting a family member who doesnt have a ps3
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    sorry but i am getting a new camera for my birthday in december then i will try
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    it was in our shed
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    Madden 12

    i will try
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    Madden 12

    sure but can i tell you something it is realy my sons and im not the age i realy am im realy 56 my son created my acount for me because i dont know too much about computers but any way he i still play his ps3 but under his name
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    Madden 12

    i play ps3
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    Madden 12

    cool dude
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    Madden 12

    yep im a madden player i play with friends and on my own but any way i also play call of duty
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    1/18 kiowa parts needed

    hey guys i need some parts to a bbi kiowa the green us army one i need a left missle pylon and the rear both sides of the rear wing the one next to the united states army writting i need the machine gun and the feed box for it and lastly the ball shaped thing that goes on top
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    1:18 f104 parts

    does anyone have the right landing gear door and landing gear itself for a silver 21st century toys f104
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    omg again

    omg at a garage sale i got a 6inch tall brothers in arms figure sorry i lost my camera on a boat ride it fell in the water
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    who here owns a set of 1:18 ss figures

    i got mine from military issue magazine for $70.99