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    K-Tiger buys a PS4, or RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 TEASER?

    I'm personally hoping for Bully 2 before GTAnext
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    K-Tiger buys a PS4, or RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 TEASER?

    Lube up for gameplay footage trailer goodness coming on your (USA) Thursday.
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    They finally make an excellent Stormtrooper for the 3.75inch Vintage Line

    Dirty Dave Mimban Stormtrooper body. Check Rogue One 5pts of Articulation head. Check Looks good, coming early next year I believe.
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    Mega Bloks Militia

    Yeah, that'll be as close to a Panzer IV as they can get without having to pay for licenses.
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    Plant Green Valley 1:18 scale line.

    Well, those are coming along nicely. Hell a must have. Never thought I'd see 1/18 figures with removable panties.
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    North Korea - The Peoples Besties

    They've just announced (both Nth and Sth) and end to the Korean War.
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    Gun grab, the 2nd Amendment and other Gov't hijinks

    I think I'm starting to understand ya'll and sympathise, more voices like this chap need to be heard.
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    Boss Fight Studios

    You tell me
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    Boss Fight Studios

    Hey now, the S2 knights are fun and a pretty good use of tooling, this female knight does look better.
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    Our Soverign Emperor, Lord Donald John Trump, President of these United States

    Fuck it, give him a Nobel prize if it works out. Would be waaay more deserving Better than the previous guy who got it cause... why? Nth Korea is basically a prison for everyone, including Kim. He's probably looking for a way out that doesn't involve him getting a bullet.
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    Complex base building system

    Glad to see him be able to do this, he talked about it a few years back in a Full Force Podcast interview.
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    Mega Bloks Militia

    New Construx Heroes Looking good
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    Mega Bloks Militia

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    Jurrasic Park / World

    I think both females have the universal hinge joint like the males. You can see the joint on the woman with the triceratops. also, that Bryce Dallas Howard T H I C Cness