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    WTB 1:18 Indianna Jones horse

    Anyone got this thing right here? I don't care if it loose or incomplete, I just need the horse
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    looking for a couple of movie figs

    Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern. Yeah, you read that right. One that looks as close to the movie hero costume as possible, not like a neon orange "Radar Attack Hal" or something like that. Also interested in Hellboy, and Rami Spider-Man, and a Terminator skeleton in the same scale.
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    Iron Man 3

    I had a 12" version of that. looks damn near identical. I also had the Cyclops
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    Iron Man 3

    This thing. This fucking thing right here. I was more excited to see the classic yellow costume and it actually is a decent sculpt but its little more than a figurine.
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    Iron Man 3

    The Assemblers figures are ass. Plain and simple, which I found surprising since the Iron Man 2 and Avengers figures were actually pretty cool. I first got hooked when I got a War Machine in a fodder bag I won from one of you guys a little while back. The Iron Patriot was a particularly huge...
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    1:18 Nolan Batman Batpod

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    Young Justice Batman figures

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    You know how I know you're lying?

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    Custom Contest on the 'Stank

    Ooooooooh girl, no you di-in't! The responses to this thread have the potential to be awkward. I wasn't a refugee from the 'tank or had to experience their bullshit so I'll stay out of it and watch this unfold from the sidelines.
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    Call of Duty Black Ops 2

    I hope they do. I think this Metal Gear/HALO/Gears of War thing is going to be so terrible that it kills COD as a franchise. Oddly enough, from what I've encountered the biggest beef people have seem to have with the trailer is the horses. I guess not too many people know Special Forces uses...
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    Call of Duty Black Ops 2

    They've strayed too far from the original COD formula that made the series great. Even though COD4 is the most influential FPS in recent years, it pushed the envelope as far as realism-- which is were COD made its money. MW2, which story wise is one of the best sequels to ANYTHING (I refer to...
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    Call of Duty Black Ops 2

    Seriously, I don't know what this garbage is. For a while I thought Treyarch was going to try to connect the continuity between WWII and the Modern Warfare series. I thought that was going to be a terrible idea.... then I saw this shit. It doesn't even look like a COD game. They could've done...
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    Look at this asshat....

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    WIP and finshed The Walking Dead

    Goddamn, T-Dog's been working out