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    The Official Funny Things Thread!

    Man my stepdaughter found a Netflix dvd I still had and was amazed. I shit you not she was video chatting with her friends about it for an hour.
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    Camo question

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    Official Haul Thread

    Well ain't legal in Canada
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    Coronavirus Customs

    Awesome work man
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    Anybody still collecting SW on here?

    I'm going to get only the star wars figures I want. I have preordered the mandalorian and I already have a 3p Cape. This is going to be tough year and so if I want figures it's going to have to be in $20 area. Imports are not in my budget unfortunately
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    G.I. Joe Classified Series (1:12)

    Holy shit your right does look like sabine
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    Complex base building system

    I'm going to be broke all year long 😕
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    1:12 Action Force Kickstarter

    BBTS has pre-orders up for this line, I pledged for the three core figures I might get the two figures add-ons down the road. My little boy likes the bone collector, and he wants them now.
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    JoyToy 1:18 |OT| Basically what we've always wanted

    I just the joytoy hardcore Marine Corps its awesome. But I can't buy as much as I would like to.
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    Wayward Goat Collectibles MARV Modular Armored Range Vehicle Coming Soon To Kickstarter

    Damn dude it's finally live !!!!!! And I'm broke like a joke.... anyone want or need a kidney?
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    Custom Weyland-Yutani PMC Figure

    Awesome work how tall is he?
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    Slaymaker's Commissioned Modern Plague - Cobra Spec Ops Team

    What base did you use? Nice custom rifle