I started building and painting military models (1:32) as a teenager.

As an adult I started to get into 1:18 scale, which pairs nicely with my G.I. Joe 3-3/4 collection.

This was a hobby I shared with a dear friend, when he committed suicide I pushed the collection (Small then) into a closet and forgot about it.

Then Marauder Gun Runners ruined my life... they came out with a brilliant WW2 line of soldiers....

I am embarrassed to say how much money I have dumped into my renewed hobby... pictures forthcoming... needless to say, the hobby came back with a vengeance.

Add to this, I have a background in art, media and 3D modeling, which I have now shifted to my newish 3D printer...

My first mod was turning a regular Sherman tank into a Firefly. Then I started (Still WIP) a Zundapp sidecar to mod my Indiana Jones German motorcycle.

I am planning (The big ones) To convert to 1:18 scale Panther tanks into a Jagdpanther and Skorpion G.

My research lead me to this site, to find the legendary Picklehaube! I need to pick the brains of the experts, as I stumble through my creative process.

Thanks for letting me join.

Oh... and we have a WoT clan.
December 21


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