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  • Hello, my name is Lance and I'm wondering if you are still doing the modern stowage and humvee tires? Please forgive me if I'm being to forward.
    I'll see what I can come up with. The Maisto version I just got comes with the proper push bar.. it's plastic. Not sure about the mirrors.. when I google search them they seem pretty basic though.
    Your right about the straps ...they sure as hell don't want to act right, I just want to customize a HMMWV, I have never done one and your work has inspired me, I really don't do modern vehicles but i'm willing to give it a go, I bet i can make that push bar and mirrors too
    You can cut the straps off if you want, it's not a big deal. You can cast just the packs and people can add cloth straps or something? I cut the straps off mine usually anyways because they wont fit just right.

    Are you going to cast the HMMWV's and make new ones? I really wish the HMMWV had a proper front push bar and proper mirrors...

    And no problem, you've helped us out here in the past, and I respect your work (even if I can't afford it!), and hope we can drive some sales your way!

    No rush on the items either :)
    Hell yea, I have already cast the fuel cans, I redone the pouring spout and vent plug, put a US stamp on them, made them a little better, The packs are nice but it's going to be impossible to cast them with shoulder straps, so people will have to improvise in this area,
    I'm waiting on more casting material, Still haven't found a Hummer yet, Keep your eyes open if you run across one or 2, I started on a SAS WW-2 jeep just to fill in my spare time, I made a set of British Twin Vickers Machine-guns...they are bad to the bone....
    But anyway thanks for loaning me your items, and i'll get you a kit ready asap and send everything back, And I REALLY thank you for the Woofercustoms Ad you done for me on the form also.
    hmmm just send me the link probably easiest.. my email still isnt up yet! or PM it to me here
    yea, i can pick one out, How do you want me to send it to you, I also fixed the link
    Do you have a favorite custom you've done? I can wrangle it down in size real quick probably.
    I'll get right on the link, about a logo or picture...Hell i'm open for any suggestions
    Also, if you have a picture or logo or something I can add your website to our links section :)
    Just took a look at your site.. at the bottom you should fix the link, we're not "" as we dont have that registered :( we are just :)
    It's not just you, we lost everything. Hit up NSA about the promotion because I can't seem to save the changes I make.
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