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  • How did you find my albums? I haven't had a comment in there in over a year. The albums don't get updated much anymore, the majority of those pics are old. There just isn't room for all my pics here. I do have a photobucket account and that is where the majority of my stuff is.
    Yeah I painted that vehicle a few yrs back. I mostly bought it because the price and scale were right. I like your avatar, where is that from??
    I'm not a big fan of ACU either (but I do like the Foliage green as a solid color) I attempted the multi-cam w/my Duke figure using the sponge technique (gave him a crye-precision type battle shirt)...I really like the grainy look but am not to happy with end result..gonna make some changes (had a small prob gettin upper legs back flush) yeah the ATACS is sweet - looks very challenging though may be doable w/your skill level...out of my league for now
    I have yet to attempt Multi-cam, but plan on giving it a try. Honestly, I didn't know what ATACS was, but having looked it up, it is a pretty cool pattern. ACU's on the other hand, I hate. I don't foresee ever giving ACU's a try.

    I appreciate the kind words regarding my customs!
    Has anyone had any luck at attempting/completing a more updated camo painting technique such as Multi-cam, ACU or ATACs? The woodland and tiger is so dated just wondering if anyone had any feedback for me...thanx
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