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    Attention Casters: Stocos28 is selling new sculpts

    Attention Casters, I have several Head and Torso sculpts I'm looking to sell. Please, only serious inquires. PM me with your email and I'll send pics of the available sculpts.
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    Mystery Machine by Stocos28

    The gang is still together!
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    Mystery Machine by Stocos28

    I just didn't the flower wheels would go with the feel. But that just me.
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    Mystery Machine by Stocos28

    After making the Mystery Inc. crew as monster hunters wanted to make a worthy Mystery Machine. I used an A-Team van I had sitting around and did this last night. I had bought an air brush last year and put it use for the first time last night too. My nephew added the lights head lights to it...
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    SniperWolf by Stocos28

    Hey all. I recently sculpted up a sniperwolf torso for a commission figure. Here are the a few other figures as well.
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    "Zoey" L4D by Stocos28

    Here's a Zoey custom I worked up I used the ROC Scarlett torso and and completely resculpted the lower half of it so it looks like a jacket now. The rest isn't completely, namely the legs but I think she still looks good. I also molded the Jinx torso so I can make some generic female ninjas in...
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    Vortious Custom Cast Accessories

    That looks awesome, man!
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    Outback, Clutch, Scarlett and more by Stocos28

    Here's my latest customs. Urban assault Outback, Clutch, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Lugnut(Original Character), Resident Evil's Helen Harper and Sheva Alomar. Outback: Clutch...
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    StarWarsGeek custom casts

    That coffin is awesome.
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    Stocos28 selling sculpts

    Trying to Sculpt, cast, run a store, make and sell custom figures, work a full time job, and have anything that resembles a family life.... In the words of Egg Shen, "Wasn't easy!" So I'm switching gears. I want to work on some costume sculpting, make some masks and stuff. I'll still be around...
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    Stocos28 selling sculpts

    A heads up to all the castors out there. I'm looking to sell my originals. I'm going to be changing gears and want to sell off my sculpts to who ever may be interested. Once that's done I'll be shutting down the store.
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    Stocos28Creations Store update

    Just added it to the store. MT-11 La Guard
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    Stocos28Creations Store update

    New torso going to be added to the store.
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    Covergirl and more by Stocos28

    Here's my latest completed figures. Covergirl: Underbrush: Fey: Jammer: Top Spin: Azura v2: Lara Croft:
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    Stocos28Creations Store update

    Thanks for the Button, DW. I added it to my sig.
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    Stocos28Creations Store update

    Hi Gents. Just leting everyone know I just put few new items in my store.
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    Dreadnok Girls & more by stocos28

    Dreadnok and Skanky goes hand in hand.:animal:
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    Lara Croft by Stocos28

    Which con?
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    Desert combat cruiser w desert fox

    Looks great!
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    Dreadnok Girls & more by stocos28

    Here's some more Female customs I just completed. My wife did dreadnok Petal, he did a really good job IMO on her. Let me now what you think. Dreadnok Petal: Dreadnok Piston: TorK: Azura: Regalus: Lady Jaye in dive gear: