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  1. Tapper

    Cheap Mountain Howitzer by HUNMARINE

    This is great. I like the way you use "found" items to pull these off.
  2. Tapper

    Cheap cardboard Wtach Tower by HUNMARINE

    This is a cool idea.
  3. Tapper

    G.I.Joe LCAC (WIP)

    Keg for the win!!
  4. Tapper


    Looking good.
  5. Tapper

    Mi-24 Hind Buyer's Feedback Post

    I like your idea of #4, I personally display my helos and planes as being on stand by getting ready to take off.
  6. Tapper

    Budo armor repaint.

    That looks like it's from a museum. How is it held together?
  7. Tapper

    The Survivors

    Cool story line.
  8. Tapper

    LRAV Mk II "Racoon" (Light Recoon Attack vehicle)

    Cool concept. I personally like small vehicals like this.
  9. Tapper

    BBI & Joe parts mashup WiP

    Thanks, I'll have to try this later.
  10. Tapper

    BBI & Joe parts mashup WiP

    Do I have to mod anything? Do the joe arms stay in OK?
  11. Tapper

    BBI & Joe parts mashup WiP

    How did you modify the arms. Hope you can add pics.
  12. Tapper

    Dreadnok Storm Rider

  13. Tapper

    MVAMP Command Vehicle

    Awesomely simple, but sweet. I can't rember if I asked before, how easy/hard is it to get joe arms to attach to those torsos?
  14. Tapper

    Comcast plans to turn 50,000 home routers into public wifi

    I think it's "free" if you have a Comcast account.
  15. Tapper

    GUN TRUCK #08

    I forgot how awesome this one is.
  16. Tapper

    Tofujesse Castings: Announcements & Discussion

    The mummy and Doom mask are really cool. Your skills are amazing.
  17. Tapper

    Task force 118 Command Vehicle

    Holy plastic goodness
  18. Tapper

    Ultimate Duke Mods

    I have noticed this also. When I put regular hands on they look OK, the ball joint adds just enough to look odd.
  19. Tapper

    Casting Sites: Links, Info + Alerts

    Do you mean the 25th or POC one? I have the POC one if you want it.
  20. Tapper

    Dropshipbob's Custom Games Entry

    I thought the same thing:thumbsup: