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    Joy Toy X12 robot sentry turrets

    These robot sentry turrets are awesome, very nicely deigned by Joy Toy. 10% discount on Joy Toy, post free to USA and UK! Check video description for discount code.
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    Sneak Peek inside Joy Toy's Marketing office - Awesome

    I live in Beijing, and some of the staff know of my youtube channel
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    Sneak Peek inside Joy Toy's Marketing office - Awesome

    I was lucky enough to visit one of Joy Toy's marketing offices here in Beijing....
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    Amazing Joy Toy 1:18 scale military dio base sets

    These are Amazing!! You need these Joy Toy Dio sets in you 1:18 scale action figure's lives. Not only are they easy to build, but they are big too and offer great value for money (There's even a 10% discount code for the guys at Flyima Joy Toy store in the video description) -
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    Joy Toy Russian Naval Infantry 5 figure set

    They look fantastic, but suffer from hands with not enough grip and vests which limit across body articulation
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    Osprey Commando - Acid Rain World

    One of the best Acid Rain World figures, but with long arms!
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    Acid Rain World Kelsey - Combat Instructor

    A fantastic figure with loads of character -
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    Joy Toy 4th Legion Stina & 37th Legion Hermione 1:18 scale action figures

    The best removable vest / armor system I've experienced on 1:18 scale action figures! **10% Discount code** in the video description -
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    Detective Smith, a great futuristic cowboy / sheriff

    When you need to solve a murder or just reduce crime on an outer rim planet, you need Detective Smith -
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    1:1 scale ED20 from Robocop by Hiya Toys

    Hiya have done a great job on this figure
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    Joy Toy WW2 Soviet infantry and officer

    The Soviets have entered the war! - See video description for a special 10% discount code on all stocked Joy Toy items
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    New Acid Rain World Luggans

    Luggans reinforcements!
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    World Peacekeepers Anti Aircraft Missile Vehicle

    Because your figures deserve more firepower....
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    New Joy Toy figures - 1st Legion Spears

    New Joy Toy figures 1st Legion Spears are amazing....and....a special discount for Awesome Action Toy viewers - see the video description.
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    Super cheap 1:18 scale Zombie 6 pack.

    Cheap background Zombie figures - A great match For Zombie Labs and BFS Series Z. eBay links in the video description.
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    Gundam Military Generation 1:18 scale Zeon Soldiers

    Any Gundam fans here? It's a long video, but there is a lot to see and talk about!
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    New 1:18 scale anime style action figure

    Yeah, despite her different look, she does fit in surprisingly well
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    New 1:18 scale anime style action figure

    New Model One by Hainiu Studio, a great new 1:18 scale action figure. Let's hope for more releases.