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  1. Wild weasel

    night force tomahawk

    needed to do something other than python patrol before I went crazy(well, too late for that I guess) I also restored the canopy glass, to better than factory fresh, I've never seen a tomahawk canopy this clear Oh, and the orange wasn't my fault!!! :talktothehand: I was going to paint them olive...
  2. Wild weasel

    a little worried about a purchase

    Not sure how familiar you guys are with the joe stuff, in 1989 there was a rare two pack of the mud fighter and hiss 2, with both drivers, and 2 random figures from 1989. An extremely rare set that always goes for crazy money misb. here's one that I was watching that ended sunday...
  3. Wild weasel

    21st spitfire+Stuka+ARAH

    newest round of auctions stuka+me-109 pilots spitfire 1985 snow serpent 1...
  4. Wild weasel

    u.s.s. flagg, 1:18 aircraft, random joe items

    Need to clear out some stuff ASAP! send me offers will have more later, but for now it's just a flagg and 21st avenger for sale by wild weasel tank buster, on Flickr for sale by wild weasel tank buster, on Flickr for sale by wild weasel tank buster, on Flickr for sale by...
  5. Wild weasel

    amazing 1/18 normandy dios

    was browsing 1/18 dios to see what I want to make and came across these, this guys work is amazing
  6. Wild weasel

    wild weasel python patrol customs

    group shot of commissions for a guy in brazil 532 by wild weasel tank buster, on Flickr stinger python stinger by wild weasel tank buster, on Flickr python stinger by wild weasel tank buster, on Flickr python stinger by wild weasel tank buster, on Flickr
  7. Wild weasel

    has anybody ever seen a dark green funskool vamp?

    Ok, so today I bought a vamp on ebay because it is not a variant I'm aware of. It's definately not U.S./Canda/Japan, the color is too dark and a dead give away is the white stripes on the headlight are about 4X larger than the U.S. Also, the gun in the back is black, not grey like the U.S...
  8. Wild weasel

    you gotta be sh*tting me!

    this is about a $60 figure, this is craziness!
  9. Wild weasel

    Yoga for black people

    this must be clouds wife>
  10. Wild weasel

    liberty belle 13 days before it crashed

    my dad took these one may 30th, we didn't realise it was liberty belle until just a second ago It crashed 13 days later, on june 13 It was looking rough though, lots of oil dripping from everywhere after the crash...
  11. Wild weasel

    all I have to say is WTF?!?!?!

    So, one of my friends showed me these today, fucking wierd Because it is so wierd I don't know If I should like it or hate it:wtf:
  12. Wild weasel

    simple dios

    took about 15 mins total(although the groundwork isn't dry) I'll do a quick how to tommorrow but for now heres the step by step pics The wooden border around the base will be painted black, the masking tape is so no clumps of groundwork get on to the sides the materials groundwork...
  13. Wild weasel

    some of my plastic model collection

    First off, sorry for all the mess, we're organzing the collection, were at the point were it looks like shit before it looks good. Anyway,only about 80% of our stuff is shown here, we've got somewhere between 3 and 4 thousand plastic models(we don't have an inventory list or anything so no...
  14. Wild weasel

    m.a.s.s. device inspired water moccasin

    m.a.s.s. device inspired water moccasin
  15. Wild weasel

    Cancelled Jurassic Park Awe Striker(tan)

    I also have the green one. Figured people may want to see this, Hasbro has finally lightened up with these so I can now show these publicly(I've pm'd pics of these to those that inquired back a while ago) Cancelled Jurassic Park Awe Striker(for sale) - a set on Flickr BTW, this is for...
  16. Wild weasel

    my local comic shop

    I was there that day, just heard about this now. Sucks to hear this but I love the ending note that the author posted
  17. Wild weasel

    rare stuff! JP awe striker driver test shot,intl,keel haul+gun, benchpress moc etc

    martif22 | eBay The highlight item: eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices If there is anybody on the tank or terrordrome could you spread the word-Thanks And bid high:cool:
  18. Wild weasel

    R.I.P. Marco Simoncelli

    Sadly today one of the greatest modern MotoGP racers has died. R.I.P. Marco Simoncelli
  19. Wild weasel

    for anybody interested in black major bootlegs

    He's having a sale for his cobra de acos and terror troops, $10 each with free shipping in the states. He has cobra de acos unmasked( ) cobra de acos with decimator heads(...
  20. Wild weasel

    Cool new trailer for Act Of Valor

    Just saw ths and I know I sure as hell will be there opening day