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  1. dannyc

    Has anyone ever dealth with marvel_custom_figures on instagram

    I have a very good buddy who sent that account some rare 1:12 heads to work on and a decent amount of money. So far all I have found of the guy is his IG which my friend gave me. The last post is from May 11th 2018, my friend last heard from the guy a few days before then...
  2. dannyc

    Looking for someone to paint new bbi marines

    Hey guys i ordered two packs of the marines to crew my two m1114 gun trucks and i am looking for someone who could paint my figures in desert digital camo
  3. dannyc

    WTS PS4 INCLUDING 1tb hdd games and account with playstation plus

    I was on the fence for this but i think ita time to finally hit the eject button on my console gaming forever i have a gaming pc now and the guys ive met playing arma iii are great. Unlike my old friends and i am willing to sell my system plus the account and games for a decent offer. If...
  4. dannyc


    So I have seen some pretty stupid petitions lately and figured I would start a thread for them 1. i live in Florida and can tell you that those two...
  5. dannyc

    did somebody make an mrap from a ninja combat cruiser on here

    hey guys didnt a board member on here make an mrap from a ninja combat cruiser on here. who was it because i am looking into having one made i have a ninja combat cruiser that has the roof pieces glued down and the doors somewhere also the previous owner spraypainted it horribly. and i would...
  6. dannyc

    started a fundraiser

    started a fundraiser the other day on gofundme to help me get some extra cash for a new pc and to start a youtube channel that will help out with my current situation but anyway i hate myself for creating the fund due to the fact im a hard worker and feel like a beggar asking for loose change...
  7. dannyc

    dannyc's B/S/T

    hey guys figured id start a thread for my items i need to get rid of so here is what i have atm Ill post pics in a bit but what i have now is 1 magpul prs stock in black never used $200 it retails for $110 the stock will work only on rifle length ar15s 1/18 tbf avenger from 21st century...
  8. dannyc

    need some prayers again

    hey guys just wanted to ask for some prayers for my grandfather he passed away at 11:55 PM yesterday he was a firefighter for 31 years I will miss you bah I love you
  9. dannyc

    Dannyc's BST

    hey everyone im trying to sell an ultimate soldier stuka i have that is missing some stuff it is the desert snake stuka it is missing the two pilots the sliding canopy covers are missing one dive break is missing and the four small bombs and there racks are missing pm me i will send you picks...
  10. dannyc

    R.I.P my sweet girl

    hello all i am writting this in a very depressed mood because my dog had to be put down today because of cancer and i just realy need some help
  11. dannyc

    birthday haul

    here it is a airsoft scar l a dragon 1/6 german sniper a 42 inch tv and finaly a soldier story us army saw gunner in a stan
  12. dannyc

    god dang it!!!!!!!!!!

    my freaking airsoft m4 is broken :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  13. dannyc


    when i saw this i started to definetly laugh my @$$ off
  14. dannyc

    making replacement parts for stuka

    hi everyone i was wondering if there's anyone that can cast the parts for me my dad got the stuka and it actualy needs a few other things like the 4 small bombs and there racks arent there it needs another dive brake and its not both cockpit covers that are missing its only the rear the good...
  15. dannyc

    looking for desert snake stuka cockpit covers

    as the title says thats what im looking for my dads got a friend who has that stuka and we might buy it but the thing is its missing the two sliding canopies so my dad wanted me to ask if anyone has those two peices please message me :) thanks
  16. dannyc

    bf3 marathon

    i just played battlefield 3 multiplayer for nine hours straight
  17. dannyc

    looking for complete bbi super humvee

    hi im new and was wondering if anyone has a complete bbi super humvee they might want to sell i saw two on ebay and one was 29.99 the other was 249.99 i was talking to my mom about it and she said that wait till she gets paid and the auction ends in 3 days so if we cant bid on it then i was...