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  1. NSA

    What's everybody up to?

    Hi everyone! I'm back! Man.. as usual, what a crazy time. Still hoarding 1:18 in my garage, unopened.. the MTF almost got me to jump.. but so far it's only the occasional military JoyToy set that gets me to drop cash on toys. Hopefully they keep going with the sci-fi stuff cause I have no...
  2. NSA

    MTF - Vietnam

    I really wanted to join in on this.. and I loved about 90% of the figures.. but at the end of the day I just didn't need it, and the 2023 release date seems so very very far away. I hope they stock stuff for people to buy later on, I know my vehicles need crews!
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    I want that! So cool!

    Man I want a bigger house so I can have a theater room.. so many cool ideas. Living room is just so blase. Where's my basement at!
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    Halo Infinite wave 3 Hyperius

    Some of these look damn cool.
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    Marvel: Phase whatever it is now.

    So far so good for Phase 4.. nothing earth shattering, but nothing bad either. Loki I really liked. Black Widow was good, not great, but good enough to fit in with the rest. Eternals now looks interesting.. not sure about Shang-Chi.. but I am trying to go in hopeful. The Abomination tie-in is...
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    Marvel: Phase whatever it is now.

    I lied I guess there are two left! Still need to watch today's.. I'm slipping.. Black Widow comes out this week. Hoping it's good but man does it feel out of place now.
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    The new project is kicked off - 1:18 Russian BTR80 APC

    So cool! What is the cost per unit for this one?
  8. NSA

    Progress of the BTR-80 making for birddog

    Holy guacamole that turned out so well! How long did it take you to make it from start to finish?
  9. NSA

    1:18 scale Stryker is done and ready for pre-order!

    Man that looks amazing! If I didn't have a wife who would kill me.. I'd totally buy that.
  10. NSA

    Nacho photo booth

    Well isn't that a cool site.. and they make 1/18 too! What kind of material are the sets made out of?
  11. NSA

    Nacho photo booth

    Dang man those look great! What sets are those?
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    The Official Funny Things Thread!

    I don't even know what I'd do if that happened. Lots of fantasies about cashing it out and going on the run... but I don't think anyone has successfully ever used the money (or gotten away with it) on one of these bank errors..
  13. NSA

    MTF - Vietnam

    Yeah I feel like I need some of these.. but $25 a figure.. sigh. The original Marauder kickstarter was like $13/figure! These look cool though, and I have some Huey's that need crewing.. but damn if it doesn't get spendy. How is the quality of newer Marauder figures? Are they still more on the...
  14. NSA

    Mezco One:12 Collective G.I. Joe

    Those look a lot nicer than the Hasbro 1:12.. fancy fancy! How is Destro smiling in his metal mask though...
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    Joy Toys upcoming Maintenance team

    Joytoy is really killing it... though I do want them to consistently release modern military stuff.. they seem pretty busy with their future stuff.
  16. NSA

    NEW JURASSIC PARK (3D release and Toys R'Us)

    That is pretty cool.
  17. NSA

    Marvel: Phase whatever it is now.

    So far so good with Loki.. some neat twists and turns.. only 1 episode left though. I feel like these little side shows are perfect for fleshing out stuff you maybe can't or do want to do in a full movie. Production quality/etc has been top notch..
  18. NSA

    10% discount on Joy Toy plus free shipping!

    Nice to see Joytoy taking off though.
  19. NSA

    G.I. Joe Classified Series (1:12)

    The new figures do seem cooler than the original ones.. kinda getting tempting.
  20. NSA

    Marvel: Phase whatever it is now.

    Loki was awesome! No clue where they'll go with it.. But I liked it, and more Loki is always good. He's been best when he's slightly humanized. I think Phase 4 is gonna be wild.