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  1. J

    Click N’ Play

    Yes patiently waiting for this as well
  2. J

    Joy Toy Russian Naval Infantry 5 figure set

    Can’t wait to get these bad boys and trick em out
  3. J

    Aussie ASLAV conversion

    Work of art
  4. J

    World Peacekeepers Anti Aircraft Missile Vehicle

    My guess they will be on amazon soon under the click and play label. Just like the helipad and other stuff, gate, etc
  5. J

    [1:18 diorama] battle in the jungle (Guadalcanal,1942)

    Great set up. Both my grandfathers were at Guadalcanal. Said it was hell on earth.
  6. J

    JoyToy 1:18 |OT| Basically what we've always wanted

    The russkies are coming... finally
  7. J

    1:18 scale Stryker is done and ready for pre-order!

    Hot damn I’m gona have to start putting aside come payday
  8. J

    Joy Toy 1:18 scale Fear Assault Mecha

    That thing looks sick
  9. J

    32 mins of amazing 1:18 scale sci-fi awesomeness from Joy Toy

    The one all the way on our left (his right ) the yellow one reminds me of the cops in the fifth element when they are searching the apartments for corbyn Dallas. They are cool and I’m sure well made, but too sci-fi for my universe. I’m more modern military in my collection. The WWII stuff is...
  10. J


    Hey digs glad to see you back. How ya been buddy?
  11. J

    1:18 scale Stryker WIP

    Cause Canadians do weird shit. Lol not sure, that’s a good question. Sorry canada
  12. J

    1:18 scale Stryker WIP

    I’m sure joy toy has em in the works
  13. J

    Most Wanted Modern Armor

    Needs to be something Russian or European. Something we would never see or a kit that’s not available. I’m really interested in world peacekeeper max pro MRAP. Curious how the size of the vehicle will be. They are usually pretty good for scale ( except fighter jets of course). It will probably...
  14. J

    Acid Rain World Revenant Laurel - wow!

    Looks great bro
  15. J

    1:18 scale Stryker WIP

    Holy shit dude send 2 please
  16. J

    Most Wanted Modern Armor

    Sweet pic. I’m good with just a RWS with a .50 on top. Would love an updated new troop carrier. Plus pickle could make upgrades such as new turret, armor plateing, etc.
  17. J

    On the Workbench

    I saw this. They also had the Hammond and Elle Sadler 2 pack with 2 raptors I believe. The John Hammond figure is a dead ringer for the bad guy in the movie the specialist with James woods and Stallone. I think I’m gona grab it
  18. J

    [1:18 diorama] Meine Ehre heiβt Treue!

    Dude that’s a ridiculous set up. Nice work
  19. J

    Most Wanted Modern Armor

    A Stryker would be cool and would fit a lot of soldiers. Unless you plan on redoing a vehicle that was offered by unimax or elite force I’m not sure. I’m gona have to think long and hard on this one pickle