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    WTT: 1/18 Night Raid for Original Blackhawk/Pavehawk

    Looking for the original release BBI Blackhawk or Pavehawk (want to customize it). I have the Night Raid Blackhawk to offer as a trade. Will post pictures later. It has been displayed, comes with box, figures, extra pieces etc. If not interested in trading, let me know your price. Thanks for looking
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    Looking for World Peacekeepers PTE Little Bird

    My son loves looking at my BBI one and I want to get him a World Peacekeepers one since its sturdier and made for little folks. If anyone has an ild one or can find one, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    Custom Super Articulated Realistic Armored Savage Opress

    Here is my take on a custom realistic styled Savage Opress. He is made from a GI Joe 25th Serpentor torso and upper legs, IG Destro lower arms, Tripwire lower legs, and a shirtless Savage Opress Head, hands and tunic. The shoulder pauldrons are from a 30th Iron Grenadier and are removable. Enjoy
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    Modern Warfare Infantry (AKA POC Grunt)

    My next custom figure is a Modern Style Pursuit of Cobra Grunt. I wanted to keep him simple, as a "grunt" would be. Thanks and enjoy
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    Custom POC Tripwire

    I liked the idea of an EOD specialist, especially after watching the Hurt Locker and Tripwire was always one of my favorite Joes, so I gave him an update
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    Modern Delta Force Operator

    This is my third custom, a Delta Force Operator. Used a Cancelled Desert Ripcord body, POC General Hawk legs and POC Snow Job head. Enjoy
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    Pursuit of Cobra Spearhead

    My next custom is Spearhead. I envisioned him as more of a Force Recon Type. He is a POC Dusty with the lower arms of a ROC Desert Ambush Duke.
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    Pursuit of Cobra Crosshairs

    These are my first customs in a while. Went for a more realistic approach with these. Up first is Crosshairs, desert sniper. He was made using the ROC Desert Ambush Duke as a base. The Ghille Suit is from a Corps! sniper figure.
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    Custom 4" scale Alien Warrior from Alien: Resurrection

    This is my latest custom. I love the Revoltech Alien Warrior but it was, in my opinion, too big for joe scale. When Hasbro re-tooled the Geonosian Warrior from the Star Wars line, I decided to take a stab at my own Super-poseable Alien Warrior. The figure can imitate almost every pose his...