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  1. Brickhead

    Pre-Order Alert! Laurel, Jack, Argus, and King!!!

    Just as some suspected... Wish they were available sooner than April. Here
  2. Brickhead

    "BLACK WIDOW" by Vitaly Bulgarov

    I've always loved cyberpunk. I wonder what scale this is? Anywho... check it out. "BLACK WIDOW" Tank Kit
  3. Brickhead

    I want to make some cloaks but don't know how!

    Kit Lau teases us on Instagram with his customs. The most badass ones have cloaks. I'd love to make some, but can't figure it out! Ugh! If anyone has a template or can give instructions on how to do so...please do!
  4. Brickhead


    A place for ARW mixed with 3A's WWR and WWRp. :) They just work so well together.
  5. Brickhead

    Phoenix Force Creations

    Making common poo-poo figures look astonishing! Look
  6. Brickhead

    Not selling those Zombie Vipers so well eh?

    This guy keeps posting this and sells nothing. I counted 30 ZV in the picture but he's only selling a lot of 10 for $400.00 ...excuse me trying to sell 10 loose for $400.00. $400.00?! Yeah... ok buddy... keep trying I really have the feeling he stole all of those just to scalp em.
  7. Brickhead

    Amazing cyber punk dio/desktop by Ikeuchi Akirahito

    MORE... More...
  8. Brickhead

    BRICKHEAD's has needs

    Willing to part with the following... Marvel Legends: - 1 Black Widow [unopened] - Toy Biz Bald Bishop [unopened] Marvel Select: - 1 Storm [loose] Marvel Universe 3 3/4: - 1 Wasp DC: - 1 Doomsday (Injustice 2-pack)[loose] - 1 Batman (v1) (Multiverse)[loose] - 2 Catwoman (Multiverse)...
  9. Brickhead

    Mind = blown!

    Just came across these customs recently posted to figurerealm. And this... :explode: Here's the customizer's work