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  1. Lord Bodega

    Achilles Fights the UnDead

    Here is my take on the BFS Achilles fighting some baddies. The columns are from a fish tank display I got for cheap off Amazon.
  2. Lord Bodega

    Jurrasic Park / World

    As many of you might know, Hasbro lost the license to Jurassic Park / World to Mattel. I wont get into the reason why because most of you know why. However, Mattel without releasing any pictures has announced there plans and I for one am fired up. They will be releasing 3 3/4 action figures...
  3. Lord Bodega

    Looking for 1/18 Conan Head Sculpt

    Hi, I am looking for a 1/18 Conan Head Sculpt. I am also looking for any recommendations on someone that will take a commission to paint and assemble a figure. Thanks
  4. Lord Bodega

    Lord Bodegas Customs

    Wanted to post some of my ongoing projects. My skills are mostly swapping parts and repainting but I do enjoy it and wanted to share!