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  1. Lord Bodega

    Mezco 3.75

    "Why the hell is it always someone doing retro gimmick 3.75 figures or overpriced 1:12 dolls for the licenses I like?" That is exactly how I feel. It's maddening that the companies that have the licenses go 5 POA and cartoonish paint.
  2. Lord Bodega

    Legends of the West Kickstarter

  3. Lord Bodega

    Legends of the West Kickstarter

    I agree I have two World Peacekeeper horses but they just don't look right. Looking forward to my Boss Fight Horse order coming in. The quality of the CFT figures is really outstanding.
  4. Lord Bodega

    Legends of the West Kickstarter

    I put together a small diorama of a western town for the CFT figures and posted it on JoeCustoms. It has a saloon, General Store, Marshals office, outhouse, coral, water tower etc. I think you guys will dig it. Town of Two-Gun...
  5. Lord Bodega

    Rogue One Stormtrooper

    That is a great idea! Did the helmet fit back on correctly?
  6. Lord Bodega

    Finished-ALIENS Newt

    Yes , great job. Is the Ripley the kit one or is she also a custom?
  7. Lord Bodega

    GOT Winter Has Cometh (and so have I)

    It will be a hard pill for her to swallow when she does find out.
  8. Lord Bodega

    Awesome dio set for 1:18 / 1:12

    BBTS has it for $99.
  9. Lord Bodega

    Lord Bodegas Customs

    More of an excuse to show off my Boss Fight Gladiators but the makeshift arena is the wooden lid from a Kentucky Bourbon cake with play sand and Halloween blood. Thought you all would get a kick about that.
  10. Lord Bodega

    Looking for 1/18 Conan Head Sculpt

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I finally finished my Conan the Barbarian custom. I used a head cast by Avacs Labs. Pretty stoked with the result.
  11. Lord Bodega

    Auto World's Greatest Generation Navy Jeep

    Can the figures sit inside?
  12. Lord Bodega

    Marauder Inc. General Thread

    I have not seen it posted. Have you guys seen MJ's Toylanta exclusive? Its a John Wick looking, dude. I have no idea who John Wick is other than he looks like Keanu Reeves. Check out the pics on his Facebook.
  13. Lord Bodega

    Anybody still collecting SW on here?

    After trying for weeks I finally was able to order 3 Mimban stormtroopers. I hope the Jabba playset is not as difficult to get my hands on.
  14. Lord Bodega

    Anybody still collecting SW on here?

    Glad I am not the only one that happened too I am in good company.
  15. Lord Bodega

    Plant Green Valley 1:18 scale line.

    I will probably breakdown and order a couple also to add to my civilian complement.
  16. Lord Bodega

    More New PTE Stuff Revealed at Hong Kong Toy Fair

    New Toy Fair stuff!
  17. Lord Bodega

    Lord Bodegas Customs

    Thanks! I got some from DioWarriors and the rest from Zanzas_Toys on Ebay. One of the Beakers is also from a 1/18 Heisenberg set. The table with the sink and the microscope is from DioWarriors. The computer thingamajig on the left is from another Ebay seller called Diorama Outfitters. They...
  18. Lord Bodega

    I'm looking for ME Joes that can pass as civilians

    I have one of the Shark Tank action figure sets from Amazon. I did a couple of head swaps and I felt they fit in nicely. No Joes in the shot but there is a Marauder figure for comparison.