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  1. xhairs

    4 new joe customs

    ok guys its been awhile for me and i had to update some of my customs and some are total redos lol i have Mutt & junkyard DEF, Law& order def , tunnelrat and my sci fi mutt & junkyard MUTT & LAW Law&Order DEF
  2. xhairs

    my paint job on the vamp

    thanks and i cant wait to see yours done.
  3. xhairs

    where are the file cards and stands for the figs

    i haven't seen this anywhere so if this is being talked about please place in that topic. but with the movie line where are the stands and file cards were paying 10+ for a fig and we cant get a stand or file card with them or the drivers. its bad enough some of the figs have no articulation to...
  4. xhairs

    some of my pms got deleted

    ok some of my pms got deleted and im not sure but i think i got out all my trades if not let me know if i owe anyone witch i think im all good on that part lol or if anyone still owes me thanks X
  5. xhairs

    my paint job on the vamp

    thanks man
  6. xhairs

    AT Moblie Command Center by VideoViper

    nice job on it
  7. xhairs

    my paint job on the vamp

    thanks guys ya it sucks those spots came through but im glad u dig it . eddie that would look cool in either color .
  8. xhairs

    my paint job on the vamp

    thanks guys like i said the flash brought out some of the blue i have to go over other then that im happy with it. the blue grey color combo sucks with bright orange missiles lol but it is a cool ride to bad the fig sucks and they skimped on the accessory this time around un like the other vamps.
  9. xhairs

    my paint job on the vamp

    here is my paint job on the new vamp let me know what you think thanks X i see in the pics some of the blue came through ill have to touch those up lol
  10. xhairs

    Wal-mart sightings!

    well walmart is carrying joes agin they had a alley viper LJ and RB pluse the awe striker. so now all the stores are carrying them now.
  11. xhairs

    lot of 65 cobras on ebay

    hey all here is alot of dtc,spy troops and VvV cobras on ebay
  12. xhairs

    Target Sightings!

    ok got the last set of the FF 3 pack in blasdells one
  13. xhairs

    check this one out

    yup whne i saw this i lol and if it does sell i think ill make one and sell it some ppl think cuse they say prototype they will buy it. i think most of use can tell its a custom just from the pic and he has more then 1 for sale lol
  14. xhairs

    check this one out

    i love how its a custom and they have 3 but say its a prototype
  15. xhairs

    looking to trade or buy for

    looking to trade for resolute duke, beachead, flint arms/ hands and legs upper and lower also looking for spy troops/ VvV crosshairs waist will trade for or buy. looking also for a pair of 30anny law arms with the MP on the one or 30th renegades duke this one...
  16. xhairs

    Mattel & Hasbro said to be 'terrified' of sales loss to tech Back in the old days, American kids only wanted a Barbie doll or a G.I. Joe action figure for Christmas and all was right with the world. But times have changed, and today American children are looking to get more...
  17. xhairs


    here is 2 new res customs LEATHERNECK & DART so let me know what you think. with dart after i saw the new spirit head was the new dart so i kind of went with the billy look and named him dart as i had my spirit already done. the head is from our very own Tofujesse. Dart dart &...
  18. xhairs

    Tofujesse Castings: Announcements & Discussion

    got my first order today and they look great i cant wait to work on the heads to use them for my customs.
  19. xhairs

    Tofujesse Castings: Announcements & Discussion

    i could not a prob what do u need ie just basic paint parts or a complete custom?