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    [Contest] Zombieland

    This was a Officer only Contest that recently concluded. It's now time to pick a winner! Rules and Prizes will be in Post #2 and then every entry will get it's own post.
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    [Contest] Galactic Warrior

    This was a Officer only contest. Rules are in Post #2. Entries will get their own post below. Choose the winner!
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    Marvel: Phase Three

    Phase Two is almost over. Use this thread for the next phase. Phase 3 starts with Ant Man. Ant Man 7/17/2015 Cap 3 5/6/2016 Doctor Strange 7/8/2016 GOTG 2 7/28/2017
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    Joesilver Feedback

    +1 Paid fast and great communication!
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    Shadowwarrior Feedback

    +1 Made a successful deal with SW. Highly recommended.
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    Doom 4

    Doom Gameplay Unveiled at QuakeCon 2014 - IGN I've always been a mark for Doom.
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    [Contest] Comic Reenactment 2nd Vote

    This was an Officer Only Contest sponsored by Fogger1138 that I assisted with hosting. Rules and Prizes are in Post 2. This is for the 3rd Prize package, you're voting for "Best Adaptation". The best entry that didn't use original characters.
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    [Contest] Comic Reenactment

    This was an Officer only contest Sponsored by Fogger1138 that I assisted with hosting. Rules and Prizes are in Post 2. Entries in the following posts including the 2nd page. Please look at all entries before voting. This vote is for Favorite Overall.
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    FSS3 Figs for sale

    Long story short, we did a 3 way deal to purchase the FSS3.0 sets. We have two figures who are up for grabs. These figs are available at Cost which is $30 plus some shipping from me to you. International is accepted. Preferred payment method is Paypal. Payment will be expected within 7...
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    SDCC 2014 exclusive S.H. Figuarts

    2014 SAN DIEGO COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE S.H. Figuarts Vegeta Original Animation Colors | CollectionDX OH! I need to find a way to get this Vegeta figure!
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    add on/virus?

    I got this insane addon/virus thing today. I can barely even type without a million adds and or hidden links opening up new windows. Most of them are sponsored by "ads by offerswizard". The funny thing is I have no new add ons in my extensions and haven't gotten a new update lately. I'm...
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    SDCC 2014 exclusive Joe Comic

    W) Tom Scioli & John Barber (A) Tom Scioli SPACE WAR I! Earth makes contact with an alien race — and G.I. JOE is on the front lines of first contact! But when the TRANSFORMERS arrive — their version of “peaceâ€￾ does not match our own! This SDCC 2014 edition is available for purchase in...
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    Final Fantasy XV

    Looking forward to some real info on this at E3. Check out this awesome story at GI on the insanely long timeline on this game:
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    SDCC 2014 Marvel Exclusive

    Hasbro SDCC 2014 Exclusive Marvel Infinite 3.75 Pretty cool
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    Agent Carter

    ABC Renews Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Orders Agent Carter to Series - IGN I'm pumped for this!
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    Nintendo Skylanders

    I'm a sucker for these games. Looks like Nintendo is finally getting into it:
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    SDCC 2014 exclusive

    SDCC 2014 exclusive: Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch Blog | PopWatch | EW is saying it's here for the first time but I swear this was shown at Toy Fair.
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    ARW Contest Entries
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    It's about time we get a thread going for this game. It's coming out in September. I just traded in Infamous and paid off my pre order. Check out this GI feature: Destiny
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    [Contest] Wintry Mix

    This was a Officer Only contest sponsored by Topside! The contest has ended but now everybody gets to pick a winner! Rules and Prize in post #2. Every Entry will get their own post after and voting will be open after all entries get posted.