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    State of the Site - 07/07/2016

    still here!!! only working on some hacks figures lately but taking long absent from the hobby. as you perfectly said Kids are ruining your site, your members and everything they can reach :) but this is the better place to be in this hobbie... here i saw the best custom figures i ever saw thanks...
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    Abu Azrael

    ladies and gentlemans i present you the Angel of Death!!
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    COD GHOSTS " Hades"

    the first finished of my new squad of special ops.
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    50th anniversay for international friends :)

    So who will be the awesome guy that can get some of the 50th anniversary figures to international members? The prices on evil bay are absurd. Sincerelly best regards
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    Popeye the Sailor Man

    PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eddieism:
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    Battlefield Crew

    after seeing some characters i decided to make my own!!!
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    need 2 bbts dreadnoks torsos(zanzibar and gnawgahyde)

    hello my friends. just looking for these two torsos and arms or just the arms(poc jungle duke arms is the same). many thanks and best regards
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    Medal of Honour "Dusty"

    i have a lot of fun and work on this :)
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    "SEALS-"tears in the sun" inspiration

    missing minor details like patches but almost done. inspired by the movie. sadly no Monica Belluci in the crew!!! :)
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    different way to make shemagh´s

    I have to cut this one because it was going to seem a little overseize.i think the best material to make shemaghs its kitchen cloth because its more "thin" :)
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    different way to make shemagh´s

    Tutorial!! Many people are asking me how do i make my scarfs and shemagh's. I will try to explain with this few photos. Step 1- choose the material. This time i choose and old shirt but i often use kitchen tissue or medical tape Step 2- you will only need glue and a scissor Step 3 - wrap the...
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    PMC squad leader Lt. Marcus Forrest

    Forrest is the leader of the squad deployed to fight against ISIS in Syria. former Delta force. a question. should i gave him and his team kalashnikov´s or do you recommend other(from marauder gun-runners!!!!) ????
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    decals and tattoos

    is this decals i was talking but is so small is very difficult to apply those correctly. i have maori tattoo´s but still not place those perfectly. but thanks for the tips
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    decals and tattoos

    i bought some small decals to use on my joe´s(1:18) but the first ones didn´t came out as expected. anyone here ever made a tutorial for this? or know one? best regards
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    MARSOC Operator - Sgt, Harrison

    still need to improve the pics(a lot) also i will add this guy in the future an holster(just waiting those to arrive) hope you like it
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    007 Daniel Craig

    just a custom from 007 the head was painted by Raimondo, our talented friend!!
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    this one was based on a kickstarter project that i saw here posted by Slaymaker. i read the 23 pages preview and decided to make a custom figure. hope you like it
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    Another pmc

    here is another:)
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    "NoDust" new contractors

    just finished these.this time i took pictures during wip
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    "Strike Back" Scott and Stonebridge

    my project was inspired in this 2 characters from the tv show "strike back". the heads are unique and were painted by an italian customizer very talented named Raimondo Rossi!!!