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    Black Friday

    Anyone see the walmart black friday elite corps offerings? Looks to be a b25/b29 and a Chinook.
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    Star Wars: Rebels

    Just a sneak peek of the show, real trailer is coming soon. I don't think it looks too bad. I loved the Clone Wars and this looks to be good. i just hope it's not too comical like some parts in clone wars like the battle droids who act sentient.
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    Red's Band of Brothers banner

    can someone help me find this image? Nothing is coming up when I search for it.
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    Casting wants/question

    Ok, I want to make or even buy a ME Muskrat. Does anyone make this yet? Or what about a good boonie hat, machete, Flak jacket and shotgun? Muskrat was a favorite of mine in the early years and I would love to have a well done update of him.
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    USS Flagg LEGO style- WIP

    I have begun the arduous task of building a USS Flagg, LEGO scale. I am planning on doing it at the same ratio to LEGO minis as the original is scaled to 4" figures. I believe I have the equations figured out correctly at a 55% reduction rate. I used the LEGO digital designer program to help...
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    the PERFECT dreadnok bike

    here would be the perfect dreadnok bike to customize. Definitely something they would do down in the swamps.
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    Cobra Kre-o attack from a LEGO Chinook

    I bought the LEGO police Helicopter. I left off all the police decals and will find some Cobra stickers to put on in their stead. This was inspired by a challenge of a sort. :D
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    Lord of the Rings LEGO

    Just saw this This news makes me moist in the pants.