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  1. nacho

    GI Joe 1/18th figures by Hiya Toys

    Not much to know at this point other than new 1:18th stuff coming from Hiya. No pics yet. Hiya Toys Announces 1:18 Scale G.I.Joe Figures ( If their other 1:18 lines are any indicator, we're looking at highly articulated $20 base figures with small vehicles and deluxe stuff in the...
  2. nacho

    Art of GI Joe ARAH Omnibus

    Just an FYI....the kickstarter for this book still has a week to go, and it blew through the funding goals, stretch goals, and has made the 3DJoe guys dig deep to make the volume extra special. The funding goal was 35K and it's approaching a quarter mil, so they're going all-out. I backed...
  3. nacho

    Nacho photo booth

    Over the last couple of years, I amassed several of the Extreme Set pop-up dioramas, but I never had the space or time to build them or take some pics. But on this fine Father's Day weekend, I remedied that to a small degree. I built the cabin which is cool b/c you can use the interior and/or...
  4. nacho

    G.I. Joe 3.75" ReAction figures by Super7

    Just when you thought the world couldn't get any crazier, Super7 is making (presumably) 5-PoA Joes that homage comic and ARAH designs. Super7 G.I. Joe ReAction 3.75" Figures Update - What Will We See? ( While I understand that 5 PoA is the ReAction line's shtick, it's incredibly...
  5. nacho

    Mezco One:12 Collective G.I. Joe

    Destro just went up for preorder today.... G.I. Joe One:12 Collective Destro ( I put in for one at BBTS. I typically don't like 1:12 figures with cloth clothes, as they look bulky, unnatural, and remind me of cheezy Mego figures from the 70's. That being said, I expect that...
  6. nacho

    GIJoe - Lady Jaye Series coming to Amazon

    Obviously little is known at this point, but if it's done well, I'll watch it. Amazon Making G.I. Joe Series Focusing on Lady Jaye (
  7. nacho

    Real world or fiction?

    Knowing most of the regulars on this board like I do, I suspect the answer to this question is obvious, but... If you were to display Wild Bill in the Dragonfly (or your 21st Cobra), do you put him in the front like on the Dragonfly box art and in the vast majority of the fiction, or do you...
  8. nacho

    Quid Pro Quo Joe

    So they did the same thing for TF a year or so ago, but now they're putting the OG Joe cartoon soundtrack out on an LP record. No download, no CD, just LP. I need this in my life, extended cuts of all that awesome background music without the words or sound effects. Problem is, I don't...
  9. nacho

    1:12 Action Force Kickstarter

    I'm mildly curious about this. I've wanted 6" Joes for years, but I'm not sure how these folks are using Action Force ™ without being sued into oblivion by Hasbro/Palitoy. These guys seem to have some up with their own mythology that somewhat parallels the Joe mythos. I don't think it'll...
  10. nacho

    Joy Toy 1:18 Russian SSO Special Team Figures

    Forgive me if these have been posted elsewhere. I would love to add some of these to my 1:18 OPFOR. Unfortunately, I'm too cheap to drop $28 on rando 4" figures. But they're certainly cool, and they appeal to me more than ARW figures. Maybe they'll go on sale eventually (yeah, right...)...
  11. nacho

    Joecon 2018

    I keep getting emails about signing up for this con. Two things strike me: 1) They claim this is going to be the final one, so I guess it's getting absorbed by the mothership into "hascon" going forward? 2) It's taking place an hour and a half from my house, and I still can't get motivated...
  12. nacho

    FSS 7.0

    Fig 1, Dusty and Sandstorm. Sandstorm is not a f#%$ing clown wolf! Big-H is officially out of ideas. 2017 Figure Subscription Service 7.0 Dusty & Sandstorm Figure - GI Joe - Action Figures Toys News
  13. nacho

    Joe Reboot

    Well, this sounds... different. I'm not going to criticize until I see it, but it certainly smells like we are far from their target audience at this point. They lost me with "millennial"...
  14. nacho

    R/C vehicle assiatance

    I know there are some R/C pros around here, and I need some advice. I've got a son who is turning 10 next month, and he would like an R/C car for his birthday. I have no clue what to buy. What's the best bang-for-the-buck? Brand? Scale? Durability? Battery life? I don't want to break...
  15. nacho

    Articulated Icons 1:12 figures

    Not sure how I completely missed this KS, but I placed a pre-order for five figures at The Fwoosh. Articulated Icons: Painted FEP Samples | The Fwoosh Anyone that's into Marvel Legends/...
  16. nacho

    Dye questions

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but is there anything special to know about dyeing action figures? Particular brands of dye? Special techniques? Cautionary tales? Is it as simple as buying some RIT and following the instructions?
  17. nacho

    Army Alphas 6"

    Anyone interested in these? I have to admit, they are sparking my interest. Not much military 6" to go with all the Marvel Legends, DCUC, and MOTU figures. It feels like these have a lot of potential if they meet the minimum goal...
  18. nacho

    Lego Stop-Motion

    My son (age 8) spent considerable time making a stop-motion animation "movie" this summer. Actually, he wanted to go to stop-motion camp (yes, it exists), and I explained that we could do that better at home (you know, because the idea of melding photography and expensive software I don't know...
  19. nacho

    Hope you aren't a Bandai fan...

    Now distributed by Diamond. They are the "middle man" your father warned you about. Incompetent and greedy. Don't expect to get anything from Bandai at mass market, and don't expect to get it from anyone else except at considerable markup. Doh! Diamond Appointed Master Distributor For...
  20. nacho

    10 Most Useless Joes

    Ok, this isn't new, but it needs to get brought up on occasion, just to make sure no one takes this stuff too seriously, even nostalgia wanks like myself. The 10 Most Useless Members of G.I. Joe And another list: Top 10 Lamest G.I. Joe Action Figures - Film Junk Notice some overlap. Those...