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  1. darthdre758

    Hiya Aliens Line

    Ori makes Hiya look like cold molasses at times. Kit will post something is coming and within the week it's up for pre-order. The only thing they've dragged their feet on is that wall truck thing.
  2. darthdre758

    Hiya Aliens Line

    Personally, I hope it goes through...but I figure it may not in the end.
  3. darthdre758

    Hiya Aliens Line

    I know this is old...but...the deal hasn't been completed so there is no connection to Disney with the Predator license as of yet. It's still said it might not even go through...but who knows.
  4. darthdre758

    Marauder Inc. General Thread

    I know it's cliche, but I really wanted the Airborne to be up higher. I'd put together a whole BOB squad if they were more readily available.
  5. darthdre758

    Marauder Inc. General Thread

    They look thin. The first stage is funded. I find it funny that they seemed to think people wanted Japanese more than germans. I get it, we have a lot of germans from old lines, and not as many Japanese...but I think they'd be further down if germans were offered first and Japanese as stretch...
  6. darthdre758

    My camera and settings.....what do you use?

    So what settings do you use for your figures? What about doing outdoor shots?
  7. darthdre758

    G.I. Kre-O, Kre-O, MegaBloks CoD and LEGO discussions

    I saw some of those at Target (I think) recently.
  8. darthdre758

    Casting Sites: Links, Info + Alerts

    Daremo has all the Acid Rain weapons cast....and ready to ship. If you need to contact him let me know. He's more or less email only these days.
  9. darthdre758

    Our war kits

    It's like a mix of OW, Joe and Marauder stuff. So weird. I'm kind of tempted.
  10. darthdre758

    Marvel: Phase Three

    I would love to see Scorpion, or even Mysterio. Someone else. Hobgoblin would be nice too.
  11. darthdre758

    Marvel: Phase Three

    I'd be happy to not see an Osborne in a Spidey movie for a long time.
  12. darthdre758

    Canadian SOF

    They're here to kick ass and apologize for it....and they're all out of apologies. And they're sorry for that. That's their final apology. Based on this picture From WIP (as seen yesterday) To final product.
  13. darthdre758

    State of the Site - 07/07/2016

    I'm on #4. And that's the last one. We both got fixed. The last was a girl...the only girl. This is going to be interesting.
  14. darthdre758

    Marvel Legends 4 inch 2016

    Those freaking hands on Cap though. UUUGHHHH.