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  1. Preacher13

    1:18 Cabbie/Newsboy Cap Ideas?

    Can any of you 1:18 nerds think of a fig with a cabbie/newsboy cap for custom I’m planning? Reference pic below.
  2. Preacher13

    Shark Tank / Big Bang Civilians & Chairs Half Off at EE

    Those Shark Tank and Big Bang Therory figures, which would make great civilians, and have some cool props, are now $26.99, down from $44.99, and $21.24, down from $24.99, respectively, on Entertainment Earth. SHARK TANK BIG BANG THEORY
  3. Preacher13

    Shark Tank Figs Make Great Civilians with Chairs!

    Check it out. These are good civilians. And the chairs are cool too! On Entertainment Earth. Too bad they're absurdly expensive. Priced for tech billionaires no doubt. Just $90 plus shipping for six cheaply made figs and six chairs. Shark Tank Mark, Daymond, Barbara 3 3/4-Inch Figure-Con Excl...
  4. Preacher13

    Custom Operators

    Two custom special operators using GI Joe,BBI, Marauder Task Force and maybe a couple other parts. I've shared the guy in the watchcap before, but not with his legs painted.
  5. Preacher13

    Game of Thrones Goes to 1:18 with Funko

    I was super psyched until I realized these are pretty limited in articulation, I think anyway. Still, I'm kind of psyched. At least they're not 5PA ReAction style. A few pics below. Rest can be seen through the link. GAME OF THRONES at BigBadToyStore
  6. Preacher13

    2016 Toy Fair Acid Rain Reveal!

    Laurel Worker Uncle Kunio Version BBTS Exclusive (LE 400) The Laurel is a 1:18 fully painted military heavy artillery armor suit with highly detailed weathering effect. The cockpit is highly detailed with linkage mechanic structure, built to accommodate the Pilot figure (included) and can...
  7. Preacher13

    Argus Takes Aim

    I'm pretty sure the cover is supposed to come off the fron part of this rifle, but I can't seem to remove it, so maybe it's not. Anyway... only practical effects in the one pic. The other has Photoshopped eyes. Snow and mist is real—well, real meaning created by me, not a computer.
  8. Preacher13

    Cool Wastelander Inspiration

    I'm digging this photo and can definitely see all the parts in my head for a custom. Someone here could do it better than I, but I might give it a go. Anyone else want to go for it?
  9. Preacher13

    Custom Wastelander Bandit

    My new Wastelander Bandit custom. I sort of imagine it as something for/from Acid Rain World, so I posted it in this section, though it’s made using mostly GI Joe parts. As if you maniacs couldn't pick out every piece... It's desert Zartan with a Marauder Task Force head and knives...
  10. Preacher13

    Toy Pics: In the German Bunker, WWII

    I have various versions of these on my TUMBLR page, including fully saturated and partially desaturated images, but I decided to go with the black and white. Not sure, honestly, if it's the best choice... thoughts? Scroll down for full and partial examples. Here's an example of...
  11. Preacher13

    1:18 Military Pics for Veteran's Day

    We did a post at my job with some of my photos for Veteran's Day. You guys have seen everything here, but it's fun to see a nice 1:18 gallery on a newspaper website. Veteran's Day: Toy Photos Honor U.S. Military Heroes
  12. Preacher13

    Winter in Bastogne

    January 7, 1945 – Winter in Bastogne Rudolf took aim and prepared to fire…whatever was moving in those woods, man or beast, needed to be put down. It would be a feast or a victory—either one would mark a pleasant change from these last slow and bitter cold days at base camp.
  13. Preacher13

    Shall We Begin? Custom 1:12 Gladiators

    Made these by repainting and combining some of those modular WWE Elite figures. I want to make more and do more to them.
  14. Preacher13

    Preacher13's October 2015 banner

    Didn't work out exactly as I'd hoped, but I figure I should submit something...
  15. Preacher13

    Custom Operator

    I just finished (mostly) this custom special operator. Was kind of looking at Pac in Battlefield IV, but he's not really right. I definitely need to grunge up the pants. Main problem—he doesn't pose for shit. I can't even really get him to reach around his tac gear to hold a gun with two...
  16. Preacher13

    Acid Rain World War Buggy

    Check out my custom Acid Rain World war buggy. Main piece is one of those shitty BBI vehicles from Target. Then I added a bunch of random stuff from my plastic bits bags--old GI Joe pieces, PTE, etc.
  17. Preacher13

    Preacher13's September Banner Entry FFA

    This is what I've got, since I already showed my Vietnam banner.
  18. Preacher13

    Lanard Corps EOD Custom

    I've seen a couple sweet EOD tech (in full bomb blast suit) customs online, but I want to try my own recipe using this guy as the starting point. What do you guys think? Any tips? Ideas?
  19. Preacher13

    Speed Wars: Episode I

    So the toilet pic in the one-shot pic thread reminded me of Speed Wars: Episode I, my only figure comic.Need to finish it at some point.Last few panels don't have word balloons yet. I posted them with the dialogue in the captions. I guess I'll add the words and post them as page two.