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  1. Pickelhaube

    Aussie ASLAV conversion

    Very nice
  2. Pickelhaube

    1:18 Russian Military Vehicles

    Very nice . Even the bad guys need to represented. I really like the BTR 82
  3. Pickelhaube

    New Aircraft Projects For 2023

    Hey Guys, I am in full stride trying to get out 2022 armor projects and I am figuring I will be done in about 2 months depending on my real work. I am thinking on doing some aircraft for 2023. Unless you guys are still shell shocked about the Lippisch incident I am thinking of doing the...
  4. Pickelhaube

    Gifts for New Year

    That is a good price !
  5. Pickelhaube

    More Consignments

  6. Pickelhaube

    More Consignments

  7. Pickelhaube

    More Consignments

    My next consignments are 3 Sdkfz 222. One was my first panzer gray coloring . It was a little bit of a challenge but I worked things out and the next will be much easier.
  8. Pickelhaube

    Happy 13th anniversary! Officer drive-thing-whatever

    Plz send me your paypal address
  9. Pickelhaube

    More Consignments

    Thanks guys. I am a firm believer of not overdoing weathering and rust . Almost every model you see has a rusty exhaust system. Unless sitting in a field for 5 years they would NOT be that rusty. Go out and look at your cars tail pipe. It is gray, so my exhaust are grey with a tiny bit of...
  10. Pickelhaube

    More Consignments

    Here is my latest consignment a mid war standard striped Jagdpanther. I worked on 2 JPs and a King Tiger. Pictures with a few progresspics.
  11. Pickelhaube

    Any Interest In An Iraqi T-72 ?

    Hey Guys, Is there any interest in an Iraqi T-72 ? There are several modern American vehicles , but there is nothing for them to appose . The T-72 was Iraqis main battle tank in both Gulf Wars.
  12. Pickelhaube

    World Peace Keeper c-130 or c-123

    I just looked on ebay. The shipping looks to be more than the actual toy !!!!!!!
  13. Pickelhaube

    World Peace Keeper c-130 or c-123

    Any idea how much they are selling for now. I always wanted to build one up to a true 1/18 scale. Or possibly the C-123 because it was smaller with 2 engines burning and 2 turning.
  14. Pickelhaube

    World Peace Keeper c-130 or c-123

    Hey Guys, I could not find the old threads of the c-130 and c-123. Do any of you guys still have yours or pictures of your mods to these ?