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  1. CoreyD

    1/18th Scale Mi-24 Hind Will Become A Reality !!!

    I've already got a pilot painted and ready to go. Now to find the space for this beast...
  2. CoreyD

    Acid Rain Punisher

    Frank Castle was a Captain in the Agurts Marine Force before his family was brutally gunned down. Now he dispenses his own form of vigilante justice as...The Punisher.
  3. CoreyD

    Hiya Aliens Line

    In adjusted dollars, it costs about the same as the USS Flagg did at retail. Worth it? You tell me.
  4. CoreyD

    Thunder Run

    That weathering job looks solid. I'm motivated to pick up the T90 whenever it comes out.
  5. CoreyD

    Thunder Run

    My memory is foggy, but did they have the CITV in Desert Storm? I thought that was a later M1A2 modification?
  6. CoreyD

    So I gave my daughter a tank

    Is that the 1/20 Trumpeter kit or PTE?
  7. CoreyD

    Votoms...Acid Rain Style

    Who doesn't love Votoms? Body is Acid Rain. The only microman parts are the head/respirator, weapons, and shoulder paudrons. Harness is from a GIJ snow serpent with a mix of Acid Rain pouches.
  8. CoreyD

    My Latest V HACKS

    Very cool. Did you sculpt that 300 style Spartan helmet yourself?
  9. CoreyD

    State of the Site - 07/07/2016

    I think option b is probably less work.
  10. CoreyD

    Cast of GIJ Collector's Club Cross Country Flak Vest?

    Has anyone made a cast of the GIJ Collector's Club Cross Country Flak Vest? This one: If so, I'd love to pick up a few copies. Thank you!
  11. CoreyD

    Hiya Aliens Line

    Call me when they make a dropship.
  12. CoreyD

    Hiya Aliens Line

    Angry Nomad has both the Neca Hudson and Hicks heads in 1/18 scale.
  13. CoreyD

    1/18th Scale Mi-24 Hind Will Become A Reality !!!

    I'd like to keep the feet cut outs, so I can use my own figures.
  14. CoreyD

    1/18th Scale Mi-24 Hind Will Become A Reality !!!

    I'm cool with the stock pods
  15. CoreyD

    Hiya Aliens Line

    Hiya Toys Aliens: Colonial Marines 3.75-Inch Figures - Toyark Photo Shoot - The Toyark - News The power loader looks great, but those face sculpts are horrific. Ugh. Did anyone ever shrink the Hudson and Hicks Neca heads? Contraband?
  16. CoreyD

    Possible Armor On The Horizon

    Well I'm interested in the T70 or T55.
  17. CoreyD

    Looking for a Big Boss/Naked Snake Head

    Preferably with the eyepatch/beard. Anyone know of a site that's casting 1/18 big boss/naked snake heads? Thanks.
  18. CoreyD

    Western Style Gun Belt

    Does anyone know of a 4" figure with a removable western style gun belt? Something like this, but for an Acid Rain GI Joe 50th size body. I can try and scratch one up, but it's always easier to work from something that already exists.
  19. CoreyD

    Female Tele-Viper

    Could you repurpose the dish that comes with the psyche out figure?