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    The West Coast GI Joe & Toy Show June 9th, 2024

    Definitely maybe thinking about getting a table on this one! I need to move some shizz...
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    Bruder found in the wild

    Love those trucks.. they just look SO GIANT compared to JOE stuff, and even true 1:18 stuff, but on its own it doesn't look too bad. Great find!
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    Presidential thread

    Hah pretty much
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    M-113 Vietnam And Modernday Up-Grade

    Hot diggity! What is the 2024 cost?
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    Pardon the Dust

    Russian mail-away-brides? (hey, I'm trying to be optimistic)
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    Custom MH-60M upgrade kit for BBI Elite Force 1:18 Black Hawk

    Now that is clean! I like the pylons... does the window open so someone can man the mini gun?
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    New JoyToy 1/18 Military Releases

    Haven't heard of them either.. wonder if they're better than BBTS?
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    Pardon the Dust

    Another 100+ spammers ... mostly from the russians are coming!
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    Pardon the Dust

    18 new registrations since yesterday, 18 spammers.
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    G.I. Joe Classified Series (1:12)

    I've been able to stay mostly toy-free for a couple years now, outside a few random things that look "cool" so I am okay with the lack of releases.. A few Joytoy things got me to bite, but even that has been mostly weird or warhammer. I just don't have any nostalgia connection to 1:12 and the...
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    Pardon the Dust

    The jury is still out on that one, I am still 50/50 that you're just an elaborate ruse by River Pirates to eventually plunder our booty.
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    Pardon the Dust

    Cleaned out all the backlogged junk accounts who tried to register.. I am sure there are some valid in there, but over 2K worth of spammers! If you are a real person please try to register again!
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    G.I. Joe Classified Series (1:12)

    I have still been able to keep myself from collecting this non-1:18 filth!! :)
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    Dang that sucks, I would have loved to have one of these.
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    Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician

    Looks nice!
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    Happy 13th anniversary! Officer drive-thing-whatever

    As soon as I sell my overpriced CA real estate...
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    Happy 13th anniversary! Officer drive-thing-whatever

    Thank you Pickelhaube! We live another year!
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    WPL’s Radio control 1/16 E1/ GAZ 71

    THat thing looks tiny! But cool!
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    Cobra Commander’s Vacation take 3

    OOO I like it! When do we get to sign up to lose him?!
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    GI Joe General Discussion

    Get off my lawn! Depends on who you ask. To me, if you were 18 or older at the Millennium (2000) then you're not a millennial. So I self-identify as a baby Gen-X. I had a whole ass youth before the internet and all that. It's a bit of a fuzzy line as I did get to experience some of the cool...