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  1. Lowlight33


    This is a commission I did for CGI. It's a repainted Airborne with a Sci Fi head.
  2. Lowlight33

    Modern Footloose

    A commission for Cobra Oner. I was inspired by three of my favorite Customizers, Keepitclean Customs, Boris Ping, and Vitruvian Pro. The build recipe is a POC jungle Duke torso, POC hawk upper arms, Ult. Flint lower arms, and a casted Footloose head courtesy of Tofujesse. The body armor is a...
  3. Lowlight33


    A Commission I did for Destro4Life Head and Helmet are courtesy of Jesse Tofu
  4. Lowlight33

    Rock & Roll 20 Years after the Decommission

    This December marks the 20th anniversary of issue 155, the final issue of the Marvel Comics run. When Icecreamman revealed his idea for GI Joe: Reloaded, it gave me the idea of what would happen to GI Joe if they had been reactivated after twenty years? Would the original 13 still be alive and...
  5. Lowlight33

    Cobra Death Squad

    I re-imagined Cobra's origin as a Modern War Unit made up of Seven Men who would go on to create the World's most Ruthless Terrorist Organization... Major Bludd's head is a cast that I painted this evening... Close ups...
  6. Lowlight33

    Lowlight33's Custom Games Entry

    Here is my entry into the Customs Games... Nemesis Enforcer is a genetic freak of nature with almost immortal like healing and invulnerability. He has razor sharp blades made of Vibranium and hooves encased in Adamantium. His blades slice through Joes like a hot knife through butter.
  7. Lowlight33

    The Devil of Ramida and Seal Team 1-3

    This is a commission I did for Slaymaker. He wanted a Chris Kyle custom. Here's what I've come up with so far. I teamed him up with my other two custom SEALs, Wet-Suit and K-Bar and code named Chris, One-Shot.
  8. Lowlight33

    30th Laser Viper from the Concept Vault

    Thanks to the amazing generosity of Mswi Customs, he cast me a Laser Viper helmet. I can now share this custom with you guys. From the 2012 Concept Vault, here is Laser Viper... This is the the Vault's concept that I used for reference, photo courtesy of Generals Joes
  9. Lowlight33

    Iron Grenadier T.A.R.G.A.T.

    This is a commission I did for Destro4life. I was inspired by a custom TARGAT that I found on the web. Recipe Head- Storm Shadow Helmet- Ace Torso- Tripwire Legs- Airborne
  10. Lowlight33

    Ninja Force Snake Eyes

    With the finish line ahead, here is one of my latest entries in the Ninja Force Custom line I'm working on. Ninja Force Snake Eyes Head- Angel Forge Torso- Shock Trooper Arms- POC Beach Head Legs- 25th Firefly Web Gear - Retaliation Firefly
  11. Lowlight33

    Ninja Force Dojo

    Next to last of my Ninja Force Commissions. Wish I didnt have to let them go.. Ninja Force DOJO Recipe: Head- Retaliation Roadblock with Sculpy Torso- POC Jungle Duke Upper Arms/Lower Legs- 25th Airborne Lower Arms/Upper Legs- Resolute Comic Pack Storm Shadow Web Gear- Retaliation 3...
  12. Lowlight33

    Ninja Force b!tches!

    Awesome! Love what you did with the Stormshadow gear!!!! All of them are looking sharp!
  13. Lowlight33

    Concept Vault Flint w / Alternate Head

    It had to happen and thanks to the amazing generosity of 9DeadJoes, I can present to you: Concept Vault Flint Alternate Head Inspiration from:
  14. Lowlight33

    Punisher War Zone

    Simple head swap and a little paint
  15. Lowlight33

    Desert Wetsuit and a Tribute to "The Devil of Ramadi"

    The Devil of Ramadi, Chris Kyle RIP
  16. Lowlight33

    Captain Lucian from Crazy World

    I got it as extras in a trade with Marauder Ruben. I believe I saw it on theangelforge site.
  17. Lowlight33

    Captain Lucian from Crazy World

    In the far off planet of Crazy World, two races are engaged in a bloody civil war. While they fight, Captain Lucian of the ship named, Bonebreaker, revels in the spoils of war and plunder.
  18. Lowlight33

    James McCullen, XXV

    This is a Commision I did for a friend who's a huge fan of Destro, so I figured I would dabble in my skills and create an original take on Destro with a more modern, realistic take on an International Arms dealer and try to keep some elements of the original in tack. In my version, 27 years...
  19. Lowlight33

    Ninja Force Bushido

    Thanks MW and Eddie.