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  1. shadowwarrior

    Joy Toy Custom Space Force

    Its more Starship troopers I was going for..
  2. shadowwarrior

    Joy Toy Custom Space Force

    New Project I'm embarking on - worked on three teams. One looks after the Drop Ship: Orbital Security Force One is tasked with securing the mineral deposit / mining sites from Alien threats: Planetary Exploration Force And one has to rescue the others when shit hits the fan and there are...
  3. shadowwarrior

    JoyToy 1:18 |OT| Basically what we've always wanted

    Got my USMC recently and obviously had to chop and change some stuff (Shady Style) and came out with these little bugger - pretty good if you ask me. They need to change the Pistols / holsters that came with it though - I switched them all out for older Joy Toy holsters!
  4. shadowwarrior

    The Survivors

    Still great pictures and custom scenery <3
  5. shadowwarrior

    Video Tutorial: Vitrivian Hacks Torso and Acid Rain Legs mod!

    Sup guys, what it says on the tin, lemme know what you think! ShadyWar Tutorial: Combining Vitruvian HACKS Torso with Acid Rain World Legs! - YouTube
  6. shadowwarrior

    Myrmidon Armor Repaints

    See laddie, the details on these are great, didn't know that was you over at the Boss Fighters group lol. Love how these look now!
  7. shadowwarrior

    Custom Cursed Spartans

    Fair play thes look amazing, I had always thought to save cost they should have made the Statue Spartan an actual statue.. Can't see the joints and stuff that way. Either way, they look wicked bro, good effort!
  8. shadowwarrior

    Shady's Troops Assembled!

  9. shadowwarrior

    Shady's Banner Entry for October

    Sup lads been a while!
  10. shadowwarrior

    More D&D Customs

    Fucking fantastic fairplay boyo
  11. shadowwarrior

    Shadowwarrior July Banner Entry 2015

    Lol didn't have time to do a flag one but here you go I know it's not on theme but I reckon it's better than nothing!
  12. shadowwarrior

    1:18 Chimeran Custom Commission

    Sup guys, Just finished this little Gem for a buddy of mine, he's writing a Comic so I offered to do a mutant type custm that fits into the universe of "The Chimeran". Hope you enjoy!
  13. shadowwarrior

    The Survivors

    Winner man, I made a custom Artyom from Metro 2033 the other day out of a spare Bob.. man it is actually quite a close match for your Wander looking back!
  14. shadowwarrior

    The Survivors

    Awesome figures, fit right into the Acid Rain Universe, glad to see you are going balls deep like you should be! Can't wait to see more!
  15. shadowwarrior

    Shadowwarrior's Banner Entry March 15

    Marching to war..
  16. shadowwarrior

    Shadowwarrior / HeelJoe Dio Shoot Colab Weekend Thread!

    Alright Peeps, I headed up north the Birmingham last weekend to spend a few days customizing, photographing and Dio building. We also assembled the worlds largest Acid Rain army to date.. Anyway, we will dump all the pictures from the weekend here, many will be similar (we have the same...
  17. shadowwarrior

    Shady's Soil Ghosts

    While we wait for the Official Release - Here is 4 I made, utilised a few lines, but mainly GI Joe, used the Zombie Viper parts as the "Crusty Mutations"
  18. shadowwarrior

    Acid Rain World Statues!

    So I have had a ton of fun making these Statues - Basically Puttied up the joints, painted a few shades of Bronze and weathered that bad boy up! Will post my other statue soon!
  19. shadowwarrior

    Shadowwarrior's Banner Entry for February

    Hello Peeps, That's Right Shady is out of Banner Comp Retirement! And as usual he is rocking the Acid Rain ;)