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  1. snakeling

    Tatooine Insurgency - The Great Jawa Uprising

    Yeah thats how they got R2 in A New Hope. I'd be a bit more scared of the Sand People though.
  2. snakeling

    Zartan's Cahmeleon

    I like it. Its even better than the OG and sooo much better than the 25th anniversary one.
  3. snakeling

    GI Joe Renegades Coyote

    Love that logo, you've got skills!
  4. snakeling

    Ninja Combat Cruiser Review

    the colors are all wrong. I understand why ppl around here loath Hasbro vehicles, I haven't bought one in some time myself.
  5. snakeling

    1:6th HISS WIP

    The hand to hand shot with duke and the blueshirt was awesome!
  6. snakeling

    RoadPig Alternate Outfit

    I like it. And I think he looks like the guy from Sin City.
  7. snakeling

    Marauder series 6 detailed pictures

    Bingo! I just kept 2 or 3 albums. They would've done the same to me if I tried to post dios in an actual thread.
  8. snakeling

    Marauder series 6 detailed pictures

    For the record, I posted my bit under customizing general discussion, for people who care about this stuff to discuss it. Why it was moved to a collector-minded forum, I have no idea. I suppose some mod thought it would be funny perhaps. Sorry about not quoting properly. The above is at...
  9. snakeling

    Marauder series 6 detailed pictures

    B..But HT said they were the cool kids. Ha ha, welcome aboard.
  10. snakeling

    Ladies in Leather

    Nice job on that logo!
  11. snakeling

    POC Shipwreck's Santa Maria -KeepitCleanCustoms

    Very cool. Great weathering, I almost need to do this myself.
  12. snakeling

    *radio squelch* Send more paramedics...

    Impressive, most impressive. Yeah thats how they shoulda looked in the first place.
  13. snakeling

    Medieval Knight

    Thanks man! I'm probably not even gonna use it for any 1:18 stuff. My Sauron needs a display dio and I'm getting some ideas.
  14. snakeling

    Medieval Knight

    Black? hmm, mine are a desert kinda color. I know they are pretty much the same one I have though.
  15. snakeling

    Medieval Knight

    How did you paint those bricks? I have some but don't care for the color, I would prefer gray. they can't be spray painted right?
  16. snakeling

    Medieval Knight

    Damn! You could probably make a kickass Divine Crusader.
  17. snakeling

    Utanis, Jawa Mandalorian

    Why not? There was a Tusken Jedi. :thumbsup:
  18. snakeling

    Tech Deck - Rincon set review

    Finally found this set!!! Lovin it and I wish I could have bought the other one they had, because I think they could be butted together side by side. I've been looking for this set for months, and had about given up on finding it. I read the back of the box and its supposed to be seating at a...
  19. snakeling

    2 SW Commandos

    Well I liked the first one and then I saw the second, WOW! Nothing wrong with the first but something about #2 really got my attention.