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  1. Dropshipbob

    The Official Funny Picture Thread!

    What did Gillette do?
  2. Dropshipbob

    What's everybody up to?

    K, I might pick those up but A) That wave hasn't shown up here yet an B) My wife bought me one of those Salvation sets for my birthday last year that came with 3 or 4 of them. But seeing them in a store is completely different and I *might* pull the trigger if I see them.
  3. Dropshipbob

    What's everybody up to?

    I can't find the "WTB" thread (did we have one?) but it's not like anyone would see it'd like to ask that if anyone sees a K2SO figure to pick it up for me? I'd like at least 5 and presently have two. Wal-Mart was blowing them out at like $4 but stock was limited so they may...
  4. Dropshipbob

    What have you guys been listening to?

    Ed, I have not heard of them, giving a listen now.
  5. Dropshipbob

    What have you guys been listening to?

    Seeing that started me up on Haka's and the Maori culture in general. Makes me feel ill, watching a Haka because it oozes culture and shows a spirit within it's people. What does America have for culture and tradition? We have Wal-Mart and "black Friday". :(
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    What have you guys been listening to?

    A million times this. These guys are like 16 years old and from New Zealand, hence the singing in Maori.
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    G.I. Kre-O, Kre-O, MegaBloks CoD and LEGO discussions

    So which set is new? At the WM's in my area we have the Data (STTNG) battle damaged Alien, T-800 and T1000. Then at Five Below I saw the Beastman, Fry, Bender wave, Teala was all gone.
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    What's everybody up to?

    Does using a track phone make things any better?
  9. Dropshipbob

    On the Workbench

    Oh you bet! But I need to finish all the weathering. Also need to finish adding some ladder rungs going up one side, lots of lights (non-working) and more hoses.
  10. Dropshipbob

    On the Workbench

    Did a shit ton of weathering to this thing the other day, not TOO much more left to go.
  11. Dropshipbob

    Anybody still collecting SW on here?

    If you see any K2SO at that price, I'll take all you can carry!
  12. Dropshipbob

    Shit you watch on TV

    I watched the first episode of Project Blue Book on the History channel...not too bad. I'm hoping it doesn't go all "X-Files", but I'm sure it will. I like that it seems they will be basing many of the episodes on actual investigations of the real PBB.
  13. Dropshipbob

    What's everybody up to?

    We got our first snow on Friday, started up around 4-4:30, stopped sometime around 11 after dumping two inches on us. It started raining on Saturday and by that night most of the snow was gone. This is the sort of snow I can handle, gone in 24 hours. The kids went out Saturday to try and...
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    A few recent spotings...

    I haven't seen these, but I don't frequent that isle of Target. I'll have to take a look next time I'm in.
  15. Dropshipbob

    On the Workbench

    Oh man, I like that...I like that A LOT! The down-side to this version of K2SO is that he's 5poa....actually, it's more four but it has a double ball joint in the head. They had an earlier version that was almost the same, except they had ball joints where there were normally cut joints. That...
  16. Dropshipbob

    On the Workbench

    I picked up a K2SO figure from Star Wars Rogue One, and I have to say I really like this figure! This is the second one I've bought and I'm getting all sorts of ideas on how to customize it. A military robot with WWII era weapons, a backpack, all sorts of markings, maybe painted all over in...
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    Movie Discussions

    Creepy! I watched Death Note last's a pretty good Netflix original. Loved William Dafoe as the voice of the demon.
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    What's everybody up to?

    Just re-discovered this photo on my cell phone....I didn't arrange these bottles in any way, I found them just like this at a local Dollar General. I don't know if it was just luck, or if some other ALIENS fan was at work.
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    NECA Discussion

    Kinda crazy is what it was.
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    Official Haul Thread

    Bought some Star Wars: Han Solo figures at WM on clearance yesterday for $4 each. LOTS of figures and vehicles on clearance.