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    Movie Discussions

    Sackoff would have been good 10-12 years ago but she is at the point we’re it wouldn’t work going 8-10 years into future films. I think the 1st 3rd she didn’t have her memory yet & was acting more like a kree. Liked that the shield base they went to was Ghost House from Agents of shield Didn’t...
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    Movie Discussions

    Saw Captain Marvel (in an actual theater) It was pretty good I go into all the nerd movies spoiler free without the hype crap so I can enjoy the movie for what it is.
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    Official Funny/Cool Video Thread

    Because I am a number nerd.
  4. Videoviper

    Marvel Universe Appreciation Thread

    Don’t know much ether character but seems like an awesome one to add a led light into. That reminds me I need to get back to that custom..... (black manta & Slimer)
  5. Videoviper

    Marvel Universe Appreciation Thread

    Wonder Man
  6. Videoviper

    Movie Discussions

    Well the word genie actually means Demon in Arabic....... so It not a surprise that this theory is true Everyone in Adladin is a terrible person
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    The Official Funny Picture Thread!

    I totally want one of those victum cards...... oh wait I'm a christian & closeted Conservative.
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    Anybody still collecting SW on here?

    No it does not. I was just looking at it the other day
  9. Videoviper

    Anybody still collecting SW on here?

    You could do it, but remove all screws metal etc anything that could harm the fish change ph & modify anything hard to clean easily. Gi joe divers have often been suggested for fish tanks
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    What's everybody up to?

    Battleship NJ Followed by Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell
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    The Official Funny Picture Thread!

    Yes that’s the system labeling the number I have also seen anonymous, potential spam, spam, unknown & mother in law
  12. Videoviper

    Official Weird News Thread

    Canadian Elite Military Unit: Team Wolf was inserted into enemy territory to hunt the terrorist Moose! Team Leader was quoted as saying "We hate those Meeses to Pieces!" After a successful kill They say wait till we get to the chupacabras down south they won't need a wall after we're done...
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    BLM / Dirty Raycyst / Catchall Thread

    Better Off Ted predicted this. Go search YouTube I can’t link the video right now
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    Dead celebrities |OT| Knock knock knocking on heaven's door

    OK This ones is a little heatbreaking... :(
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    Official Funny/Cool Video Thread

    Yes its stupid,.....
  16. Videoviper

    The Official Funny Picture Thread!

    That explains a lot of overpriced crap listed online.
  17. Videoviper

    a little head?

    Did someone change the links unless we are linking to Love how PhenQ Works phenq review and results how well breast actives works
  18. Videoviper

    You're So On Fleek SJW

    In their defense they know straight white males don’t Buy that crap
  19. Videoviper

    Plant Green Valley 1:18 scale line.

    I want to say it looks more like a lighting issue than a skin tone match issue.
  20. Videoviper

    "In the News" thread

    I highly doubt she is a virgin