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  1. K-Tiger

    BLM / Dirty Raycyst / Catchall Thread

    For the average jackass on the street, it's generally the culmination of over a century of concerted effort to dumb-down the intelligence of the nation. For those insidious fucks in power, it is merely a means to an end. They'd execute every last member of their various special "protected"...
  2. K-Tiger

    "In the News" thread

    Yup. If Christians started going "Deus vult" on people they might be left to their own devices. They, like society in general, have become too permissive. Too much Mathew 5:39ing, when they should be Joel 3:10ing.
  3. K-Tiger

    I want that! So cool!

    I went through the DC photos, and he has them all, and it reads like they're going to be cast and sold. The post is two and a half months old, though.
  4. K-Tiger

    Anybody still collecting SW on here?

    Plenty of Resistance figures, and Mimban Stormtroopers are warming like Rose.
  5. K-Tiger

    Movie Discussions

  6. K-Tiger

    GOT Winter Has Cometh (and so have I)

    The Knights of the Old Republic trilogy is gonna be so awesome! Anyhoo, are those 3.75 Funko figures still available at brick and mortar, perchance? I saw them when TrU was still with us, but I now find myself in need of Ygritte for....reasons.
  7. K-Tiger

    1:16 M551 Sheridan deluxe RC kit by Tamiya

    Poorfags need not apply.
  8. K-Tiger

    The Official Funny Picture Thread!

    Traps are better women than biological females. :troll: Needs some Brazilian or Mexican police-style justice, and by that I mean lit up by a helicopter door-gunner.
  9. K-Tiger

    Dead celebrities |OT| Knock knock knocking on heaven's door

    Her, and I believe it was something like £64 Million. On the human front, Ashley Massaro has died. Most folks wouldn't know her unless they were a WWE viewer or Playboy reader a decade-and-a-half ago.
  10. K-Tiger

    Official Weird News Thread

    Never underestimate the thirsty male and his lack of standards.
  11. K-Tiger

    Dead celebrities |OT| Knock knock knocking on heaven's door

    Tim Conway has passed.
  12. K-Tiger

    GOT Winter Has Cometh (and so have I)

    It should be expected from one of the guys that gave us this:
  13. K-Tiger

    What's everybody up to?

    He hadn't posted in a couple of years, but I do remember him. Damn, that sucks.
  14. K-Tiger

    Super 7 & Funko ReAction

    Marcy was barely passing in Fright Night. By the time MWC came around, forget about it. Christina Applegate is still pretty damn hot, though.
  15. K-Tiger

    GOT Winter Has Cometh (and so have I)

    Yeah, I've read a couple of these and chuckled. Sounds like the spoilers are true, and the show will not be salvaged in the final episode. If anyone at Lucasfilm had any sense, they'd be seriously looking at adding these two hacks' trilogy to the cancelled projects column.
  16. K-Tiger

    Dead celebrities |OT| Knock knock knocking on heaven's door

    The National Enquirer finally got Doris Day.
  17. K-Tiger

    Movie Discussions

    I think most were shocked at just how well-done the remake was.
  18. K-Tiger

    Election day...

    The population still toils under the fallacy that the government is run by functioning adults, while the truth is it's run by a bunch cliquish teenagers stuck in sexa-, septua- and octogenerian husks. 75% of these people shouldn't be allowed to operate a motor vehicle, much less make decisions...
  19. K-Tiger

    Movie Discussions

  20. K-Tiger

    Super 7 & Funko ReAction

    Holy shit, Peg is built like a brick shithouse.