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  1. sgt goat

    sgt goats acid rain world contest entry

    the war ground on. Scarce resources were ploughed into the relentless war machine as the squabbling remnants fought over the refuse heap of th world Those in command looked to the dissidentsand the unruly starving masses to provide yet more meat for the machine wars.. Cheaper than mechs the...
  2. sgt goat


    been asked to do a commission... any elvis head sculpts out there any one know of please? thanks guys!
  3. sgt goat

    semi articulate

    wotcha guys! so.. I got my first joe this week a renegades ripcord.. and am buy turning him into an ARW postman for th contest..just a couple of questions please I am slightly appalled at th limited articulation on to the ARW bods he looks like hes got arthritis, which line of joes...
  4. sgt goat

    any bloody british sightings?

    hmmm? ive so far been to 2 TRU.. dont normally go into shops much cept to buy axes and porn (th porns a lie) any brit recommendations for stores that stock joe stuffs? need bodies goddammit!
  5. sgt goat

    goaties non sexual desires

    hey guys...thought id put up a BST thread..looks like im here awhiles.. currently im looking to start on customising joe figs.. parts Im lookin for are 3 stahlhelms and a spot of information.. im wanting two bods in business suits..pref well articulated ones any ideas at all? th cobra commander...
  6. sgt goat

    remnants of war...

    http:// "]http:// [/URL] "]http:// [/URL] Found these online... some cool thought provoking pics..
  7. sgt goat

    what would be your 1/18 dream come true ?

    heya guys ... what would you like to see out there in 1/18 ? being new im astounded by the great design of many current figs but personally i would love to see more historical lines .. gurkhas from ww2 to modern era, russians of all types, militias ..especially would be great to see figs...
  8. sgt goat

    Best Ak 47?

    heya guys... apparently there are no stupid questions.. lets see eh? which line/fig/caster does the best ak 47? managed to grab a couple from a mate but they are shite... tried paintin them up but its like polishing a turd.. my thanks goat
  9. sgt goat

    best paints/products for harnesses and flexi plastic

    heya all.. new guy looking for tips on painting th flexi plastic used on th harnesses/vests , belts etc .. ive painted a couple of figs only so far.. spray primer , a few washes n weathering/ detail followed by a coupla coats of GW purity seal... but im getting a dung ton of paint...
  10. sgt goat

    newbs Acid rain world customs

    wotcha folks... brand newb 1/18 meat here.. last time I collected 1/18 figures thatcher was still in power.. never so much as looked at em since till my eye was caught by kit lau's designs..and bewitched, embuggered since then.. so these are me first figs and first customs.. got a LOT to...