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  1. Bravestarr

    Democrats fine Ross Stores to the tune of 3.9 million dollars

    Gibson Guitar Company, take 2. PS.... ESAD, democrats, wherever you are.
  2. Bravestarr

    Meanwhile in Syria....

    Gentlemen, I know our news media has basically become nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece for our Orwellian overlords, but I figured we could discuss the situation in Syria for a minute. I found some combat footage showing engagements between the "rebels" and the Assad loyalists. Some of it is...
  3. Bravestarr

    Black Friday, 2011

    Anyone find or observe things of importance out there for Black Friday this year?
  4. Bravestarr


    Gentlemen, With Halloween coming up, what are your plans? Any costume parties? Hot women? Alcohol? Trick or treat with the kids? Sound off with your plans and ideas!
  5. Bravestarr

    Garrison Feedback

    This thread is for Garrison, and anyone who wants to sound off for his support. Thanks again to him for the awesome figures, as they arrived in great shape and a nice quantity. +1 for certain!!!!
  6. Bravestarr

    Old School Games (NES, Sega, etc)

    Am having some fun today! Remember this one?
  7. Bravestarr

    K-Tiger Feedback

    Thank you again, K-Man, for the GI Joe figures and especially the Alley Viper that you sent my way FREE OF CHARGE. It was very kind and thoughtful of you, and I sure appreciate it. Thanks again for everything!
  8. Bravestarr

    G.I. Eddie Feedback

    Eddie, Thank you again for the awesome Christmas presents that I found at my parents' house upon return for Christmas leave last year. The Ross items included the Stinger Jeep and Arctic HISS, and I really appreciate them!!! Thank you again!
  9. Bravestarr

    Ewokhunter92 Feedback

    Mark, Thank you so much for the awesome 12" Dragon stuff recently sold to me. It is awesome, and I really like the SS Officer sets. They are part of a dio that I am working on, and hope to finish soon. Thank you again!
  10. Bravestarr

    DC Comics, DC Universe...

    Friends, Feel free to post all things related to the DC Universe right here! BTW, I am stoked about Swamp Thing's release into the DC Universe Classics line. Check this out: It's a long...
  11. Bravestarr

    Food Fight!

    Anyone remember these?
  12. Bravestarr

    Sideshow Presents: OD Green Cobra Ninja

    While it is realized that 1:6 scale has also a minority following, this figure looks pretty cool. Source:
  13. Bravestarr

    Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Rest in Peace

    Pro Wrestler Randy 'Macho Man' Savage Dies in Car Accident May 20, 2011 Fox News Pro wrestling Superstar Randy "Macho Man" Savage died after having a heart attack while driving his Jeep Wrangler, Fox News confirms. The accident happened in Seminole, Florida. A source tells Fox News...
  14. Bravestarr

    Thank you.

    Gentlemen, Now that we are fully re-deployed and integrating back into civilized society, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of you. Given the responsibilities and other obligations, I was not able to post as often or comment as much, but I do appreciate everything that has been...
  15. Bravestarr

    1:18 Scale Die Cast Vehicles

    Gentlemen, Feel free to discuss 1:18 scale Die Cast vehicles here. Was recently curious about the new 1:18 Scale A-Team van coming soon from Hot Wheels, and stumbled onto this: Source:
  16. Bravestarr

    Masters Of The Universe

    Gentlemen, This is a thread dedicated to the Masters of the Universe Collection. Feel free to post/discuss stuff related to this great line herein.
  17. Bravestarr

    Takara Transformers

    Gentlemen, This is a thread dedicated to the Transformers line from Takara, as well as other Japan based Transformer themed robots. Have been reading a lot of reviews on the latest release of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime, and was disappointed to see that his hand cannot properly grip the...
  18. Bravestarr

    5 Below

    Okay, I am floored by this post over at the Stank: 4 dollars each? Wow, that is a Cobra black mask Trooper with silver foil card as well! Anyone have any luck...
  19. Bravestarr

    Image of The Pitt (Marvel Comics)

    Gentlemen, Just thought I would share this large scan of The Pitt, as depicted in Marvel Comics. Personally, I think it's neat how GI Joe conducted planning and staging from an underground operations center, and maintained a deceptive appearance at the surface. Enjoy.
  20. Bravestarr

    ROSS / TJ MAXX / Marshalls Stores Sightings

    Gentlemen, Post your Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx Store Sightings here!