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  1. Falcon C

    the landing

    HI gentlemen, some shots of my custom landingcraft.
  2. Falcon C

    Defending the island

  3. Falcon C

    Battle for the Planet

    Aliens and machines are here.
  4. Falcon C

    Falcon C's June 2015 Banner Entry

    Hi gentlemen, my shot for the contest is called " under fire in Nam".
  5. Falcon C


  6. Falcon C

    France, behind enemy lines

    "poor guys, we're late"
  7. Falcon C

    ultimate gung ho

    based on Roadblock from dojo set.
  8. Falcon C

    Falcon C's April 2015 Banner Entry

    Hi gentlemen, this is my shot: "flames"
  9. Falcon C

    europe, 1944

  10. Falcon C

    Falcon C´s Feb Banner entry

    Hi guys, this is my shot for the contest: " Battle for Henderson field "
  11. Falcon C

    Imperial army

  12. Falcon C

    somewhere in Nam 2

    Sarge, I can smell to charlie... Me too, soldier. I told you ! Charlie is close !
  13. Falcon C

    Under attack of Cobra

  14. Falcon C

    off road

  15. Falcon C

    Solomon Islands - Pacific Theatre

    Mortar response
  16. Falcon C

    Falcon C´s aug Banner entry

    When trumpets fade
  17. Falcon C

    Falcon C´s July Banner entry

    in the streets of Cairo.
  18. Falcon C

    willkommen Tovarishch

    In russian lands
  19. Falcon C

    Falcon C´s June Banner entry

    danger below surface
  20. Falcon C

    that hard morning

    reedited with some fx. reedited with some fx.