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    The dio cake

    My son Colin turns 5 today, so he wanted an anything goes cake. So the cake is him as a stars wars padwan, rick and a joe, fighting a small horde of zombies. When he plays theres no limits, and no set universe, so the cake is an idea of what he does when he plays. I...
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    SlayerCon3 when?

    Ok like the title says. When should the next SlayerCon be? Help us decide and plan out the next meet up. State: Maryland Month: Days: I was thinking the second weekend in June. We are really hoping that by getting some more feedback, we can get a better plan and even better...
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    Hey guys on The Slayer Forum

    We have started something new we like to call Slayer-Bay, its an auction feature allowing members to post auctions for free, no fees at all, only when it comes time for the transaction to paid, then will depend on if you take paypal or a money order, we cant stop paypal fee' Just...