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  1. Jrsmi6

    Jrsmi6 april banner attempt

    here is a first attempt at the monthly banner
  2. Jrsmi6

    Major Alan"'Dutch"Schaefer

    This has been in the works for a loooooooong time, but without any time, space or... (did I mention time ?) anyway I have cleared some clutter, finished a long term remodeling project that had been dragging me down and now I have some time and room to do something I want. So with that said...
  3. Jrsmi6

    Can anyone identify these figures ?

    I picked up these figures at the flea market this weekend and I'm not sure what they are . A couple of them I know are Action Force ,but are they all? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Jrsmi6

    Man Down

    Just a quick phone pic to try and get a feel for how this alley Dio I am building is going to work out.
  5. Jrsmi6

    Everyone Talks ...

  6. Jrsmi6

    Jrsmi6's Custom Games entry

    A Longer Time Ago in a Galaxy Even Farther Away.................. Gi Ty Pham (pronounced Jee Tie Fom) As a boy Gi Ty Pham studied under his father who was a great master of several martial arts forms and spent most of his life farming a small piece of land his family had inhabited for...