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  1. SE 55

    Where is Obi Shinobi??

    Been missing his amazing talent on here. I always looked forward to getting on here to see what he had cooking up. Haven't seen him around, hope all is well with him.
  2. SE 55

    Chrome question

    I need some help! I have a custom commissioned head of the new IDW Cobra Commander and I want to make his face mask chrome but have no idea how to go about it...any suggestions?? Here is a pic of the head I had commissioned And a link to a pic of the IDW version of the commander for those who...
  3. SE 55

    Shoulder armor/pauldrons help

    Hey fellas, I have a question. Anyone ever used the Shoulder armor from a Star Wars Rahm Kota on a Joe? Trying to come up with suitable shoulder armor for my Zartan custom and the shoulder armor on this fig looks like it may work but I don't collect Star Wars figs so I will have to snag one on...
  4. SE 55

    Help with water slide decals

    Anyone know if there is a way to turn a decal sheet from the SDCC Jetfire into water slide decals. And if it is possible will I need to use a specific type of printer (i.e. laser)? I would really like to have my Jetfire decked out in waterslide decals so that there is no edge like there will be...
  5. SE 55

    SE 55 Feedback

    Thought I would drop a feedback thread for any deals I do here. I also have excellent eBay feedback, I'm on the Tank too with lots of feedback there, though I am trying to move away from that site. Anyway, if you deal with me and want to leave feedback feel free to do so here! Thanks Anthony
  6. SE 55

    SE 55's BST

    Here is a start to my list of haves and a few wants. I have great feedback on eBay and on the Tank (for those that still wander off that way). My screen name on the Tank is the same as here and my eBay name is tntony105509. I prefer PayPal for payment and will trade for my wants. Anyway, here is...
  7. SE 55

    Looking for someone to do a commission vehicle

    Hi all! I am kinda new to the site and this is my first post so if it is in the wrong spot please let me know. I am looking for someone to do a commission vehicle for me if there is anyone out there that takes on those kinds of projects. I have a Sigma 6 DragonHawk that is incomplete and I would...