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  1. gman5004

    Cool-ish Evil-Bay find

    So, I found this on Evil-Bay today (Yay for sick days) and thought maybe a few of you would like this. Eye-candy, not particularly cheap, per-se, but kinda cool. GI Joe Prototype Wax Sculpt Gung Ho V13 2004 Rare Vintage Original Hasbro Sample 653569304104 | eBay Thanks for taking the time to...
  2. gman5004

    Question on where to find joes

    Are there any newish joes at places such as Fred Meyer, Walmart, etc. That have decent articulation? I want some because after looking at diglers korangal valley pics, I decided joes have better articulation than any old bbi fig. Thanks, Garrison
  3. gman5004

    Imma troll y'all SO hard

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  4. gman5004

    New Member intro

    Hello all! My name is Garrison Moe, and if you are on 1:6 warriors, I am that gman5004. Anyways, I am 13. You may be thinking " idiot kid, he can't do customs!" And you would be correct. I have a dusty figure that I hope to experiment with in the future. I enjoy Power Team Elite figures, because...