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    1/18th Scale Mi-24 Hind Will Become A Reality !!!

    This is ridiculously awesome pickle
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    Official Figure Pic One-Shot Thread

    Outstanding preach
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    Joy Toy S.W.A.T figure

    Would look great with a few cobra shocks but 30 for a army builder isn't cheap. Who the hell just wants one? Good review bud
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    1/16 BBI - Extreme models UH64-A gunship

    Lucky lucky good for you
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    Joy Toy 1:18 figures breakdown and other brand compatability

    It looks like they have fixed the hip issue as well. It doesn't look bad for the female figs because of hour glass/ coke bottle waist. But the blue guy behind them looks like a g I joe waist. The gear on these guys is incredible
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    Joy Toy 1:18 figures breakdown and other brand compatability

    Wow joy toy is taking a dump in hasbro s mouth. Between them and marauders g i joe could be dead if they are not careful
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    JoyToy USMC 1:18 (I'm still about lol)

    bigbadtoystore has the 5. Pack for 80 bucks. So far they have 3 different sets. I am def picking these up. Shadow warrior it's wonderful to see you back posting. Love what you have done with the figures. The air force ops set looks great for hunting hiya predators... the hips kind of piss me...
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    War Of Order wave 2

    Wonder how that ball and socket shoulder joint works while holding weapons
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    Terminator future war landscape dio

    Looks great bro. Keep up the good work
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    Vortious Custom Cast Accessories

    Holy shit he back thought you were toying with my emotions lol
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    Vortious Custom Cast Accessories

    Yea but angry nomAd hasn't been in business for years. No way to get them
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    Cleaning out the garage..

    Yea the Huey is the only helo I got lol. It's great. Please post more pic. Those super cobras are the tits I can't wait to see them
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    Cleaning out the garage..

    Good god I'm jealous. I missed out on almost everything shown. Online prices for these are insane now. You would think with the resurgence of 1/18 scale figures from various kick starters and companies bbi would get their act together and start remaking these or at least sell the molds to...
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    Vortious Custom Cast Accessories

    If you can do shrinks for a predator team I'm down for the whole set in 1/18. Only guy who I ever saw had them was angry nomad but when I tried to contact him the number was disconnected. One day I'll achieve my dream. Does anyone know where I can find them??
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    Been a minute...

    Excellent work
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    Navy SEAL: Iraq, ca. 2003-2008

    Well done brother
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    Hunting Billy J Santos

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    Finished-ALIENS Newt

    Great job
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    Either way very well donep
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    Little Bird

    This is excellent slogan. I'm doing something similar. I found a couple of those bbi river boats at a garage sale for 2 bucks a piece I plan on cutting off the dome flir camera and attaching in to the bottom making it a sneak and peak bird. Your stuff is always top notch and very inspirational...