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    WTB 1:18 Indianna Jones horse

    Anyone got this thing right here? I don't care if it loose or incomplete, I just need the horse
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    looking for a couple of movie figs

    Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern. Yeah, you read that right. One that looks as close to the movie hero costume as possible, not like a neon orange "Radar Attack Hal" or something like that. Also interested in Hellboy, and Rami Spider-Man, and a Terminator skeleton in the same scale.
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    1:18 Nolan Batman Batpod

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    Young Justice Batman figures

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    You know how I know you're lying?

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    Look at this asshat....

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    BBi unveils all new aircraft!

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    Third party sweeping over USA

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    LF BBi Blackhawk parts

    So my blades drooped, and drooped, and drooped until it came time that the little peg holding one of my blades in began to tear. This is a long-ass shot, but I'm wonderin' if anyone's got a spare laying around? Maybe from one your kids broke or a crash dio or something?
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    Old Joe commercials

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    I'm super f#*ked now

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    Mythbusters cannonball

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    SAS head?

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    the Ballad of Gi Joe

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    Advice on cutting runtime?

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    I shall call him... Mini-me

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    display open parachutes?

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    You kow what's bullshit?

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    Who wants to help a bro out?