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  1. WildBill

    Air bubbles

    I was hoping one of the more experienced castors might be able to help out. I'm getting small random air bubbles in my casts. I've been using a syringe to inject the 305 into my molds. I do have an inlet and outlet for air. If I flow more product through the mold instead of just filling it, will...
  2. WildBill

    WB half assed casts

    I really wanted to modify some of the ARW helmets and heads so I went ahead and bought a bunch of casting stuff. I'm fairly pleased with the results. There were some casting anomalies which I turned into battle weathering or damage with painting. My pictures are crap... The helmet and head in...
  3. WildBill

    Walking dead action figs

    Any one have that Daryl on a motorcycle figure? Comments? Is it still available in stores in the US?
  4. WildBill


    Who's going to NYCC? Apparently Oritoy will be there. Perhaps one of the members here can grab some of the ARW exclusives for members here? They are $45 for the three pack.
  5. WildBill

    WB's ARW shots

    A little target competition
  6. WildBill

    World war robot

    Was looking at the Deimos Caesar II.....more than looking actually bought one from Japan which turned out to be a mistake since there's a seller in Ontario Canada with one that I could have had this month instead of waiting till November for shipping....despite paying $40 for shipping. It's...
  7. WildBill

    Want; acid rain statue

    Disregard, thanks
  8. WildBill

    Parts needed

    Hi, I am in need of a few parts I'm still missing and have not had success finding on Ebay. Thunder Machine; Steering wheel Antenna STUN; 1 flag Thanks, RJ
  9. WildBill

    WTB Vintage vehicle parts

    Hey folks it's looking increasingly likely that the parts I loaned out are gone. As such I require the stuff in the picture below. I'm mostly interested in the red STUN parts, the tomahawk canopy, the thunder machine steering wheel and antenna, the slugger hatch and gun, maybe the whale fin...
  10. WildBill

    1:16 General Lee

    Anyone build one of these? Is it disproportionately out of scale with 1:18 figs?
  11. WildBill

    Wanted Ghost rider Caretaker figure

    Like this one; Thanks buy or trade
  12. WildBill


    My take, Wasn't necessarily aiming for CG but I guess the jacket places her. A little out of focus but let's call it artistic. REcipe, Head; online somewhere.... upper body; 25th LJ Arms and jacket; Indiana Jones Hands; 25th WB legs; tigerforce Flint Repainted washed...
  13. WildBill


  14. WildBill

    from the weekend

  15. WildBill

    Office space

    A little humor comic I made several years ago. Good for a laugh. This has been up for a while over at JoeDios but I thought I'd share here too.
  16. WildBill

    WildBill's Customs and Dios

    Most recent here....I'm sure many of you recognize the inspiration.
  17. WildBill


    Here you go fellas. and another....guess the price is dropping on these...
  18. WildBill

    WildBill's FS/Trade thread

    Feel free to make offers but keep in mind that I'm shipping from Canada which costs more than the US. For sale; I have MOC 25th Foil card color change face Zartan 25th Foil card Beach Head 25th Foil Card Torpedo 25th Foil Card Serpentor 25th Foil Card Cobra Commander Battle armor 25th Foil...
  19. WildBill

    What the frell

    PTE blackhawks are worth $70 on tyhe "bay!!>??? I just bought one from TRU this summer for $22. Mind you it was the second release which is not as cool as the first one but still..... and.......GO.
  20. WildBill

    Super cobura dissapointment

    OK, So I've read from a couple of sources how this particular BBi model was a dissapointment. WHy is that? it seems to photograph well..... Please enlighten me.