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    Robot Uprising Thread

    Cause we all know it's coming.
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    General Gaming |OFFICIAL TOPIC| Gaming the System

    I could have sworn we had a general gaming talk thread.. but lord help me, I cannot find it, so here we go! Anyone playing anything lately? I usually go in long spurts where I don't play a damn thing. I catch up on TV shows and movies or fuck around on my phone in my free time, but can't be...
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    My For Sell Stuffs

    Revisiting this.. let me know if you're interested in anything. ----- the list! ----- SDCC Exclusives SDCC 2012 - Jinx (White) $75 SDCC 2012 - Jinx (Red) $45 SDCC 2011 - Zarana (Cold Slither) $110 SDCC 2011 - Zarana (Pink) $110 SDCC 2010 - Captain America (WWII) $25 SDCC 2010 - Sgt Slaughter...
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    Epstein - DEAD OR ALIVE

    Just a catch-all thread since this blurs the line between Conspiracy, In the News, Trump, and whatever else. Latest?
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    Cleaning out the garage..

    Starting to think maybe I had a collecting problem. And that's just the sealed ones! Need to find time to lay out all the ones I have in boxes..
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    Fighting 1:18th Fantasy Football League - 2019-2019 - NOW OPEN!

    It's almost time for another year where pcsguy88 doesn't win!! 2019 Fantasy Football season! Our 7th season (already?) I got so close to a 3rd championship.. but alas.. still don't know how I beat PCS and his Chiefs team of doom. Hunt getting kicked out really hurt me bad. Going to be...
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    Today (well, technically tomorrow (WELL, technically a couple months ago..)) we celebrate our 10th anniversary of Independence from tyranny! From that place, so vile, it shall not be mentioned. A place that would not even give us our own 1:18/BBI section. Against such egregious actions, what...
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    Ghost Recon: Brokepoint

    So in for this day 1.. I say I'm not buying the Gold-$100+ version.. but let's wait and see. Looking back at the Wildlands reveal (2015!), it's crazy they revealed this and it comes out this October (4th). I like that kind of announce to release window. It does seem like a proper sequel to...
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    ثعبان - Type-98 Prototype

    عبان is Arabic for 'snake' and will be incorporated into my 9th Special Forces Group (Airborne) stories and customs as an al-Qaeda aligned group operating in Afghanistan in 2001/2002 and across the world... Excerpt from AFGHAN-SITREP: SNAKE/Type-98-Prototype DATE REQUESTED: 22 JAN 2002 Covert...
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    All of the extremist killings in the US in 2018 had links to right-wing extremism

    News Link: Actual study link: Thoughts? I am looking through it now, but even at a casual glance it seems like a story where they had the conclusion...
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    Red Dead Redemption - THE (ORIGINAL) SEQUEL

    I have officially started my play through of Red Dead Redemption (2010)! I am playing it in 4K on the Xbox One X in Backwards Compatibility (BC). I am playing through this for (basically) the first time. I technically started it sometime in 2016 when it first went BC on Xbox, I only got a tiny...
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    Far Cry: New Dawn?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAH wow This can't be real, can it?
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    Shootings - A thread 🔫 This is where I am. This is where I was at for my 20 great high school reunion a couple months back. The owner of the bar graduated from high school with me. Kind of shocked
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    Battlefield V: The V is for fiVe

    I was originally all on board with this, but with RDR2 likely to take up a lot of my time.. I may wait on this. We'll see. The beta was actually a lot of fun.. I wish they could capture the fun of Battlefield 1942 again.
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    Florence & the Hurricane

    Anyone here getting impacted by this? Interesting webcam.. wind is really picking up.
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    Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Suggests

    Long read, but informative. (Link to the actual paper: Less important here is the content (Unless you're an immigrant in Germany, I suppose). But...
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    Russia |OT| Мы не говорим по-русски здесь

    Somehow (SOMEHOW) we don't have a RUSSIAN-focused thread here.. so.. now we do! First up.. Please please please tell me the name of the missile is Red October.
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    Fighting 1:18th Fantasy Football League - 2018-2018 - NOW OPEN!

    This season the last game is on 12/30/18 so, yay, no 2019! The League, I guess, renewed itself yesterday.. so I think everyone is in. I'm going to try and check in on everyone to make sure they're playing this year. In case anyone forgot.. Nacho, after years of being a bridesmaid.. was...
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    The 2018-2019 Fighting 1:18th Officer Club Drive!

    You know the drill.. :racist: This site is completely paid for by the staff, and from donations by our members. So close to 10 years.. this is our 9th year as a site! Somehow we're still here.. entirely thank to you guys (You know who you are, all 12 of you, on a busy day). Still no ads! Those...
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    North Korea - The Peoples Besties What. Their U-turn in the last 30 days is.. so weird. I want to credit Trump and his hard nose tactics.. but.. I dunno. Something feels weird. Did their last test somehow...