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  1. Contraband

    New Dino riding repacked ball hip Corps! Have hit Walmart

    To me they look like the same recently redesigned figures that where bundled with repacks of the figures corps! Has been trying to sell for a what seems like a decade...there really should be a law against making shit toys that pretty much go straight from Wal-Mart’s pegs into the landfill...the...
  2. Contraband

    Fortnite figures

    I purchased all of the available figures,and seeing that I can’t see an existing thread pertaining to them I thought I’d post some quick pictures up of them. The basic single carded figures: The early game survival kit’s figure: The figure inside the lama piñata: The 2 figures from...
  3. Contraband

    Yet another Avengers line only in an odd scale

    Found these today at Target for $7.99. Pretty much Sinister Six scale figures. there's also a similar GotG line I've seen at TRU . Most appear to have T-crotch with zero knee,foot,wrist,and zero torso articulation,but have ball jointed shoulders,and elbows...Black Widow has ball hips like a...
  4. Contraband

    Star Wars Studio FX Codes

    Post em up!! Unfortunately I've been throwing all the packaging out,so here's my newer ones. The AT-ACT alone gets you 2 effects,and $4,200 coins!! You can rescan them after a day or so. I've gotten $4,200 twice from my AT-ACT barcode... Wave 1 Erso : Wave 2 Chirrut : U-Wing Fighter ...
  5. Contraband

    Rider Vs Candy figures

    Got one off of eBay,and I love it! He came with 4 different right hands,and two left! They're joe sized too!! I want to get them all now! Still trying to figure out exactly what to search for on eBay. This one appears to be #13? Now I gotta hunt down 1-12&14-up! I'll need...
  6. Contraband

    Walmart Wrangler Unlimited WIP

    Found this at Walmart for $15! Love the Wrangler Unlimited,and had to get it!! Never worked on a vehicle this scale before,so it should be fun! Last vehicle I made was this 1:72 scale Hasegawa set(not my pic),and that was around 10years ago I'm most happy with the interior space on...
  7. Contraband

    3.75" Motrtal Kombat X figures

    Seen these today! Damn it they're beautiful!! My pic sucks,but they are pretty much exactly Joe sized!! The Raiden isn't perfectly side-by-side in the pic Paint,details,all that are top notch for the scale! Better then some 6" scale figures!! $17 tho! If they where $10 these pictures...
  8. Contraband

    Shit you've seen on clearance thread

    Thought we need one of these! a lot of us that have to travel for work tend to come across deal or just odd ball stuff! Here are some of the clearence items I've recently seen....hopefully everyone can add to it over time,and possibly help each other out at times. Was at a Barnes&Noble and...
  9. Contraband

    Walmart Exclusive 3.75 Black series

    They've turned me into a SW fan! Idk how,but it's happened. Anyways,the Walmart 3.75 black series entire line is for retail on as of this morning! If anyone needs a wave 3 Rey or FO Stormtrooper now is your chance at $12.88. $50+ is free shipping!! So the entire wave could easily be...
  10. Contraband

    The Commander

    Here's another one of my customs...this one was a collaboration between me&fellow fighting 1:18th member Outbackman. I bounced ideas off him,and he selected or rejected them...personally I'd prefer an armored more scifi looking CC,but this one has the agressive look I like. I still kinda...
  11. Contraband

    50th Lady Jaye VS Baroness Social Clash 2 pack

    Recently purchased this set,and have to admit I like it a lot! Weapons wise,nothing we haven't seen before..just the Baroness's usual,and Retaliation Lady Jaye's complete loadout!! only now in BLACK!! And lots of BLACK GUNS&KNIVES!! Really helps when trying to cobble together some level of...
  12. Contraband

    Will there be differences in rereleased 50th figures?

    ^ Basically that's what I wanna know. I think there'll be ways to tell them apart from their POC counterparts..if not paint,shade of plastic,at the very least the new feet? in my short time in this hobby I haven't experienced a rerelease with the exception of Snake Eyes 54 being rereleased as...
  13. Contraband


    Feedback thread for outbackman...he was a regular customer of mine on ebay,then I started trading with him on that other forum..great guy 100% trustworthy! I've traded hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of figures&vehicles with outbackman over the span of two years. You can't go wrong!!
  14. Contraband

    Anybody casting retaliation ultimate Duke's holster?

    Anybody casting retaliation ultimate Duke's holster? I need a few cast in black to swap out on a few DG troopers I've altered into other characters that a silencer just doesn't make sense. If anyone can point me in the direction,or willing to sell/trade me any it would be appreciated :D
  15. Contraband

    Check your Dollar Generals! Wave 1 is back!

    That's right! Wave 1 is back in stock! yes black troopers galore! Idk if it's old stock or what? But these figure where NOT there last week!! I found one,and got all excited: Then I traveled to three more stores netting a total of 7! All freshly filled pegs!! I traded all of mine except...
  16. Contraband

    Hobbit 3 3/4" figures

    Gobbet toys on super clearance at TRU. $2 for single carded,$9 for multi packs...tons of selection too..must not have been polular? I know I could care less,lol. Some of the heads look useful for customs tho. they say $29.99,but when scanned they say $9 The female head in this...
  17. Contraband

    Contraband's Trade thread

    Under construction
  18. Contraband

    Almost joe scale RC Audi Q7

    I was looking for something to tear up. I do it with real vehicles for fun,figured I'd get something for my joes!:D Was looking at Audi R8's just like Tony Stark had on Iron Man 3,unfortunately the nice ones are almost $100,and the RC versions don't have interiors:( stubled across this 1:16...
  19. Contraband

    Amazing Amazing Spider-Man Clearance prices!

    Yes,I meant to say it twice,lol. Stopped by TRU today,and found that Amazing Spider-Man figures are $2.79 each! I know some people are going to say "not worth it still" and for the most part that's true,but this line as some of us know carries a little gem of a figure: Ultra-Poseable...
  20. Contraband

    WIP Female Shocktrooper torso.

    Since most of the POC-present Cobra figures are based on the shocktrooper torso,I figured it just makes sense to replicate it in female form. IMO all cobra figures should be based on that template..idk if that's a shared thought,but I just love the shocktrooper that damn much:D it...